Saturday, May 21, 2011

Download VillainROM 1.0 for Samsung Galaxy S

According to the source:

“You need to use ODIN to flash this. You flash it as a PDA image. NOTHING ELSE should be checked. NO PIT, no nothing. JUST a PDA. This is a .tar.md5 file, so it will be verified before installing, to prevent corrupt downloadscausing trouble. But I still suggest you check the MD5 of the file manually, just in case…
885d3d4133850494c016bc86f4d5cf31 VillainROM-SGS2-v1.0.tar.md5
So, to the ROM itself, it is based on XWKE2, should be rooted, and has a few tweaks in place to make it easier for me in future to make modifications to ROMs.”

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