Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apple Unveils iOS 5 with 200 New Features

iOS 5 New Features List

  • Notification Center keeps all your alerts in one place.
  • Twitter integration
  • iMessage allows to accelerate argument messages, photos, videos, contacts, or locations via wi-fi or 3G from iPhone, iPad and iPd Blow to anyof these three devices
  • Newsstand organizes your annual and bi-weekly app subscriptions
  • Reminders, a bigger way to do to-dos
  • Improved Camera app
  • Improved Mail app
  • Enhanced photo enhancements
  • Safari browser gets new features
  • PC Free: with iOS 5, you no best charge a computer to own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Activate and set up your accessory wirelessly
  • Improved Game Center features
  • Wi-Fi Accompany allows to wirelessly accompany your iOS accessory to your Mac or PC over a aggregate Wi-Fi connection
  • New multitasking gestures for iPad
  • AirPlay apery for iPad 2 to beck wirelessly and deeply whatever’s on your iPad 2 to your HDTV via Apple TV
You can know details of new features of iOS 5 at official iOS 5 web page.

Apple Released iOS 5 Beta for Developers

Download iOS 5 Beta 9a5220p

iOS 5 Beta for iPhone 4
iOS 5 Beta for iPhone 4 CDMA
iOS 5 Beta for iPhone 3GS
iOS 5 Beta for iPod Touch 4G
iOS 5 Beta for iPod Touch 3G
iOS 5 Beta for iPad 2 GSM
iOS 5 Beta for iPad 2 WI-FI
iOS 5 Beta for iPad 2 CDMA
iOS 5 Beta for iPad 1
iOS 5 Beta for Apple TV

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Latest inventions in science

The impedance transformation curveImage via Wikipedia

High Voltage Transmission Line Inspection Robot

The Expliner is a semi-autonomous robot, developed by HiBot, used to inspect high voltagetransmission lines.
When the robot comes up against obstacles while traversing the lines, it can manipulate it’s center of gravity to move around them.
The robot uses eight cameras to inspect four lines simultaneously, continuously recording a 360° view of each line. It also records GPS information as well as the distance from the tower so that any defects are not only easy to locate, but also so operators can track the deterioration of the lines over time.After inspection, the data is automatically processed on the ground and any anomalies found such as rust, defects, surface damage, or line diameter changes which can be indicative of internal corrosion, are flagged for inspection.The Expliner will begin commercial operation in 2011.
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New inventions 2011

Solar-Powered Circuit-Latest Invention

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania managed to come up with a special circuit that in future can become one of the most important inventions in the science. They created the world’s first photovoltaic circuit that can generate electricity by harnessing solar energy. Their latest invention could be used to power various consumer devices.
According to Dawn Bonnell, a researcher from the University of Pennsylvania, the breakthrough could lead to the development of a new generation of optical and electronic gadgets.
At the moment Bonnel and her aggregation are able to accomplish a rather baby bulk of energy, which is not be abundant to ability electrical devices. However, scientists accede that there are altered means of advocacy the assembly electricity from light. For archetype it would be accessible to assemblage several layers of light-collecting and power-using circuits.
Most acceptable the new blazon of circuits will not be able to alter silicon counterparts, but they can be acclimated to ability altered baby automatic devices, informs Discovery News. Currently the new ambit can transform ablaze into electricity and Lukas Novotny, a researcher at the Institute of Optics at theUniversity of Rochester anticipation that it would be accessible to accomplish a absolutely new blazon of lighting abstracts if the latest apparatus of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania could about-face electricity into light.

Windows Phone 6.5 Professional

Windows CE brand logoImage 
- Clean like Mft Updates, Smooth, Sleek, and Low Battery Consumption WP6.5 ROM
- .net Framework 3.7
- O2 Application (Camera, Equalizer, O2 Menu, AutoConfig)
- Windows Phone 6.5 splash screen
- Cyberon Voice Commander
- Esmertec JBED included
- Windows Media Player 12 for Windows CE (Beta)
- O2 n HP Themes
- Software in ExtROM:
- Facebook Client + CHome Plugin
- Twitter Client + CHome Plugin
- Office CHome Plugin
- UCWEB Browser
- Google Translator
- WM5Torage
- XCPUScalar
- Cool Rings and Alerts
- M8 PhonePad Input
- Persian Blue (Bluetooth 3rd OBEX, to fix OBEX problems)
- Bugs fixed from 31 Jan 2010 ROMs

Known Bugs:
- SDConfig can't run properly, you must installed additional apps manually
- another bugs? please tell me

Flashing Instruction (Please read, or you'll get some accident in flashing ):
- Main battery must above 80%
- Copy diskimg.nb0, EXTENDED.IMG, SDConfig.txt, config.txt, and "CABS" folder to your pda Storage Card using Card Reader/Mass Storage Mode
- (if you remove your card from PDA/using card reader) Inert your miniSD card
- Press Camera+Reset to enter bootloader
- Wait until finish
- Enjoy new ROM


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Collection of All O2 XDA ATOM ROM WM5,WM6 & WM6.1

All PDAVIET ROMs here in =>> Mediafire Shared Folder

OS 20765 (17/Feb/2009) PDAVIET Mediafire
OS21014-Mediafire (17/Jan/2009)
21009.1.6.0-Mediafire (07/Jan/2009) With IE-6
21109.1.5.0-Mediafire (04/Jan/09)

Syncing O2 XDA Atom running Windows Mobile 5.0

 Every one would like to know whether anyone has a problem syncing their 02 XDA Atom running windows mobile 5.0 with windows 7 Home premium.
 This plugin pinpoint whether this is specific to my own hardware issue or is this something that everybody else experiencing with their 02 XDA Atom phone.

if your PC using Win 7, of course you have to use WMDC to sync with your device.

and you can download it from here

Monday, June 6, 2011

ChevronWP7 Unlocker & Cert download

As people may know, Chevron have removed their unlocker download for WP7  so I thought I'd archive it and make it available for everyone here still:

EDIT: Thanks to Cendaryn we also have the required security certificate  - the easiest way (thanks toTalys) to install the cert and unlock your WP7 is to do as follows:

1. Unzip file, and attach chevronwp7.cer (see below for file) to an e-mail to yourself
2. Open email in WP7
3. Tap attachment once, turns it into a shield, tap it again, goes to install certificate screen with white letters on black screen
4. Click install at the bottom

5. Make sure registry is modified:



6. Plug in phone and leave Zune running
7. Run chevronwp7.exe, click both checkboxes
8. Click unlock

Excellent video tutorial here thanks to Jaxbot 

[Edit 8th Dec 2010]

Worried that Microsoft has relocked your phone? They haven't, look here

[Edit 20th January 2011]

Want to keep your unlocked HTC from re-locking every sync? See here

Extract SMS on WP7

1. Explore your phone with Windows Phone Device Manager

2. goto \Application Data\

3. Add "\Microsoft" to the path (under the file-explorer logo)

4. goto Outlook\Stores\DeviceStore

5. Rename "store.vol" to something like "store.vol.txt" (it is mandatory to rename this file - without this step the file is in use by outlook)

6. extract it (drag n drop)

7. run perl script (#perl store.vol.txt)

8. See output

Maybe one of you could build a backup application or something like that! 

Link to perl script:

Original source of script:

Don't know if you've seen it:

\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Stores\DeviceStore\data

ALL emails and other messages + contact-pictures + signature (three sizes) (just edit the file extension to .html or .jpeg - hex edit helps to find what is right  )

\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer

-> TabsStorage.bin: Opened tabs from internet explorer (where are the cookies?!  )


ALL Facebook-Information (if app is installed), including messages, pictures, notifications etc. etc.

\Application Data\Location\Cache

Wifi & GSM Data when features is enabled in WP7-preferences (encrypted?! don't know..)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Did you Know Google Adsense Smart Pricing?

What is Google Adsense Smart Pricing? This is where Google Adsense will serve lower priced adverts on sites that have poor CTRs, and higher priced adverts on sites that have high CTRs. This calculation is done across a whole Adsense account, not on a site by site basis.
From Google’s perspective this makes sense as if an ad that has a high CPC is displayed on a site but doesn’t get clicked on, then because this will result in poor performing results for their advertising partners who they want to keep happy as well as their publishers, then they won’t serve those ads on that site again and instead will show ads from ‘less important’ advertisers with cheaper ads.
What does this mean for your blog? Well, by having ads displayed in poorly performing locations either on a poorly performing site or in a poorly performing ad slot, then this will only result in cheaper ads being displayed on average across all your sites.
Armed with this new knowledge, you should remove some of your ads insread of only displaying an ad because there’s a ‘blank space’, so that (hopefully) across your Google Adsense account your average CTR will increase, which should hopefully mean that you can get more higher priced ads because Google sees your site as a good place to serve better ads.
You need to monitor the results for a few months to see if the average eCPM for your better performing ad units increases as a result. Hopefully, this will offset the loss of earnings from removing the poorly performing units.

Different Adsense Ad Formats

The variety of Adsense Ad formats means that you can integrate Ad units into almost any spot on your website or blog. There are currently 10 standard Ad formats and 6 Adlink formats.
 The Standard Adsense Ad Formats
Horizontal Ad Formats:
1. 728 x 90: Leaderboard
2. 468 x 60: Banner
3. 234 x 60: Half Banner

Vertical Ad Formats:
4. 120 x 600: Skyscraper
5. 120 x 140: Vertical Banner

Square Ad Formats:
6. 125 x 125: Button
7. 300 x 250: Medium Rectangle
8. 250 x 250: Square
9. 336 x 280: Large Rectangle
10. 180 x 150: Small Rectangle

Read about Adsense Ad Format Optimization.
The Adsense Adlinks Formats
Horizontal Adlink Formats:
1. 728 x 15
2. 468 x 15

Square Adlink Formats:
3. 200 x 90
4. 180 x 90
5. 160 x 90
6. 120 x 90