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How To Remove Or Disable Data Throttling on T-Mobile LG G2X

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Are you among those who are just annoyed by the data throttling on their T-Mobile G2X? If this is the case then XDA guys have worked out a solution for you. Actually data throttling may refer to bandwidth throttling and for those who are unfamiliar with the term, data throttling is atechnique with which a server’s traffic is regularized and the overall network congestion is lowered. However, this may cost you a limited bandwidth or even below than promised one.
For your T-Mobile G2X Android phone, follow the guidebelow to remove data throttling:
1. First of all backup all your data because the procedure may lead you to a continuous boot loop
2. Install Root Explorer on your phone
3. Download the fix from here
4. Plug in your phone to the computer
5. Extract the contents of downloaded fix to the root of your microSD or internal memory
6. Go to Settings à Wireless & networks à Mobile networks
7. Check all the options here except “Use only 2G networks” (this is irreversible)
8. Open Root Explorer and move to the location where you put the downloaded fix in step 5
9. Tap and hold over it and select copy from the popup menu
10. Now go to System à Framework and select Mount R/O
11. And there you select to paste the copied file (you will be asked to replace the file, select yes)
12. Now close everything onyour phone and open Rom Manager
13. Select “Fix Permissions” and reboot your device
14. When it is back, you are all done with the removal of data throttling
You can check for it by doing a download test or visiting In case you got the boot loop, just restore the backup and try again with care. One more precaution, only use this procedure with the stock ROM. Write to us your comments on the guide.

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How To Root / Unroot T-Mobile LG G2X On Mac / Linux

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You have already gone through the rooting the T-Mobile G2XAndroid phone with SuperOneClick on the same pages but actually that was only for Windows. Hence, Mac and Linux users were unable to root their G2X with that single click utility. But developers at XDA have come up with working root / unroot for T-Mobile G2X for Max and Linux. The root is just similar to SuperOneClick and basically is built on the same scripts that are used in the SuperOneClick.
You can unroot your device with this tool only if you have rooted your device with this tool. Well, that’s annoying, but at least there is a root, so carry on reading to root your G2X.
1. First of all install LG USB drivers on your computer
3. Plug in your device to the computer in the USB debugging mode
4. Now if you are using Mac, run the root.command by double-clicking on that and if you are on Linux, run the shell script
5. When the script finishes, your phone will go on a reboot
6. When it is back, it is rooted.

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MultiLing Keyboard Brings Native Language Dictionaries To Android Devices

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Incredibly easy, having dictionaries of YOUR language!
Did you always wished to type in your own mother tongue onandroid phones? Here is the ultimate solution for you.Multiling Keyboard is developed by Honso derived from Gingerbread Keyboard for Android 2.3 Gingerbread.  MultiLing includes T9 dictionary, compact QWERTY, iPhoneemoticons, Edit Mode, Number Padsmiley faces, symbols, etc. User just needs to enter a word, touch it for correction and MultiLing would rectify the spelling mistakes according to the specified dictionary.
Themes, font and keyboard sizes can be changed for a bigger writing space. If you allow MultiLing to connect with your Contacts’ List it will auto complete the name whenever you type names. MultiLing cannot connect to internetthus no breach to the privacy of your contact information. Only two connections it makes is with the dictionary and the contact list and that is just for the auto complete option.
Cyricillic and Mongolian layouts have been added. To download this amazingly easy to type keyboard for your language download it from Android Market.
According to one user its gingerbread theme is incredibly easy to use and has easy access to handy functions like cursor arrows, home, end, and symbols. We tested MultiLing on Galaxy S and it was so incredible over it. Word prediction may not be as smart as SwiftKey, but its list of predictions (instead of SK’s 2) make it even faster to use.
Many languages have been included in this keyboard like Afrikaans, ArabicBulgarianChinese (Pinyin, Zhuyin), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Español, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Hebrew, Indonesian, ItalianJapanese (Ten-key & Romaji), Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Tagalog, Turkish, Urdu, and many more.
MultiLing has clearly outdated Swipe with so many languages added to let you enjoy the fun of typing in your own language, be it Thai, Urdu, French, Greek or Spanish MuliLing has got all of them.

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Download Visual Voice Mail For Windows Phone 7

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Windows Phone 7 is getting more apps now than ever because of a promising deal between Nokia and Microsoft. Although no device with Windows Phone 7 is yet introduced or even announced from the manufacturer, but still the name rules. And developers have got that point so a whole brigade of apps is coming in Windows Phone 7 market. The latest addition is Visual Voice Mail (VVM) 7. The app is basically a voice mailutility which lets you receive, listen and manage yourvoice mails on Windows Phone 7 devices.
Well, all that this app can do, can either be accessed by dialing your voice mail number. But the big difference is that the app saves you from dialing voice mail number each time and provides a nice UI to manage your voice mails and listento old ones. The homebrew beta app can do more than that. Have a quick look at the features of Visual Voice Mail 7:
  • · Receive voice mails
  • 1. First of all download the XAP from here
    2. Move to the settings and enter the server details (voice mail server details can be obtained from the operator. For Orange, send SMS to 21101 with text STATE)
    3. Open “Messagerie” and click on the right button to refresh the message list
    You might get annoyed of the French UI but the developer has promised to bring in English version pretty soon. So stay in touch to get more on Android.
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Change Default Battery Notification with Battery Icon Mod For AndroidChange Default Battery Notification with Battery Icon Mod For Android

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Are you fed up of the default boring battery notification bar on your Android phone’s home screen? Then dare to try out Batter Icon Mod v1.01 to change it to a fancy notification. The app will change the default notification bar into a numeric notifies encircled with circular graph showing the battery status. That’s cool! Isn’t it? It is pretty cool that you don’t need to flash a custom ROM for this little task. This small app will do all for you. For the time being following devices are supported:
· Galaxy S,
· HTC Desire HD,
· CDMA Hero,
· HTC Magic,
· Droid,
· Droid Incredible,
· Samsung Intercept
So let’s start with the guide to how to change the default battery notification on your Android Home Screen:
1. First of all make sure you are on Android 2.1 or later. For earlier versions, sorry eh!
2. You have to root your device to continue further
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Root Samsung Galaxy S II [S 2] With GingerBreak [One Click Root]

Google AndroidImage by Scarygami via Flickr
Well we don’t know if you have got your hands on SamsungGalaxy S II, but some folks already have acquired root on this Android phone. There are a couple of videos circulating around that apparently show Galaxy S II getting rooted with a single tap using GingerBreak Rooting App. However some folks over at XDA have tried this method as well but most of them came out with a nay. As we don’t have a Samsung Galaxy S II with us right now so we can’t test GingerBreak ourselves, but if you are interested, then here is the method:

  1. The first step is to download GingerBreak Root App from here, extract the zip and save APK file on your desktop.
  2. Once done, connect your phone to the computer and mount SD card as flash drive.
  3. Now copy the GingerBreak APK file to SD card root.
  4. Now go to your phone’s settings and enable USB debugging mode. enable USB debugging by going to Settings > Applications > Development and checkmark on Enable USB Debugging.
  5. After this download Astro file Manager from Market.
  6. Once the file manager download and installation is complete, launch the application and install GingerBreak.apk located in your phone’s SD card.
  7. After you are done with installing the APK, go to your phone’s home screen and launch GingerBreak.
  8. Now follow onscreen instructions to root your device.
And in case your device reboots after the process is over and it has essentials like SU installed, then you have successful root. Please note that you can also end up with a brick so please follow these instructions entirely at your own risk!
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Google Docs For Android

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Google Docs has certainly celebrated an era of success with individual to corporate customers and the wonderfulservice has now come to AndroidGoogle has finally launched its Docs app for Android phones. Remember that the app was long awaited for Android after it got announced. Google Docs enables you to create, edit, upload and share your documents to enhance collaborative work and the same can now be done through your phone with Google Docsapp for Android.The app is well designed with effective UI copped with user-friendly controls. However, up to one’s surprise, the app has received a critical feedback. The overall impression of the app is not so good; people are giving that kinda feedback on forums. Actually this is not a time to blame Google, as there is an air of perfection filled in there which forces the customers to wait for a perfect solution every time from Google. The initiative is itself a great one and hopefully Google is going to work on it to come up with a competitive app.
Key features of the app are as under:
· Spreadsheet changes in a quick view
· Viewing documents
· Viewing PDFs
· Viewing images and much more
· Uploading docs to Google Docs
· Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
· Sharing docs
Well, that’s what we found, there is a lot more in this cozy app filled with wonders on every step. The built-in OCR facility is amazing and lets you take pictures of printed text with your mobile camera and directly convert this image into document and save it to Google Docs. Get a night with Google Docs app for Android and let us know of itswonderful features through the comments below. Till then enjoy a video demo of Google Docs on Android phone:
Download Google Docs For Android or capture the QR code below to directly move to the download page on yourAndroid phone.
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