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Google Docs For Android

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Google Docs has certainly celebrated an era of success with individual to corporate customers and the wonderfulservice has now come to AndroidGoogle has finally launched its Docs app for Android phones. Remember that the app was long awaited for Android after it got announced. Google Docs enables you to create, edit, upload and share your documents to enhance collaborative work and the same can now be done through your phone with Google Docsapp for Android.The app is well designed with effective UI copped with user-friendly controls. However, up to one’s surprise, the app has received a critical feedback. The overall impression of the app is not so good; people are giving that kinda feedback on forums. Actually this is not a time to blame Google, as there is an air of perfection filled in there which forces the customers to wait for a perfect solution every time from Google. The initiative is itself a great one and hopefully Google is going to work on it to come up with a competitive app.
Key features of the app are as under:
· Spreadsheet changes in a quick view
· Viewing documents
· Viewing PDFs
· Viewing images and much more
· Uploading docs to Google Docs
· Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
· Sharing docs
Well, that’s what we found, there is a lot more in this cozy app filled with wonders on every step. The built-in OCR facility is amazing and lets you take pictures of printed text with your mobile camera and directly convert this image into document and save it to Google Docs. Get a night with Google Docs app for Android and let us know of itswonderful features through the comments below. Till then enjoy a video demo of Google Docs on Android phone:
Download Google Docs For Android or capture the QR code below to directly move to the download page on yourAndroid phone.
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