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How To Remove Or Disable Data Throttling on T-Mobile LG G2X

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Are you among those who are just annoyed by the data throttling on their T-Mobile G2X? If this is the case then XDA guys have worked out a solution for you. Actually data throttling may refer to bandwidth throttling and for those who are unfamiliar with the term, data throttling is atechnique with which a server’s traffic is regularized and the overall network congestion is lowered. However, this may cost you a limited bandwidth or even below than promised one.
For your T-Mobile G2X Android phone, follow the guidebelow to remove data throttling:
1. First of all backup all your data because the procedure may lead you to a continuous boot loop
2. Install Root Explorer on your phone
3. Download the fix from here
4. Plug in your phone to the computer
5. Extract the contents of downloaded fix to the root of your microSD or internal memory
6. Go to Settings à Wireless & networks à Mobile networks
7. Check all the options here except “Use only 2G networks” (this is irreversible)
8. Open Root Explorer and move to the location where you put the downloaded fix in step 5
9. Tap and hold over it and select copy from the popup menu
10. Now go to System à Framework and select Mount R/O
11. And there you select to paste the copied file (you will be asked to replace the file, select yes)
12. Now close everything onyour phone and open Rom Manager
13. Select “Fix Permissions” and reboot your device
14. When it is back, you are all done with the removal of data throttling
You can check for it by doing a download test or visiting In case you got the boot loop, just restore the backup and try again with care. One more precaution, only use this procedure with the stock ROM. Write to us your comments on the guide.

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