Saturday, April 30, 2011

Download Visual Voice Mail For Windows Phone 7

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Windows Phone 7 is getting more apps now than ever because of a promising deal between Nokia and Microsoft. Although no device with Windows Phone 7 is yet introduced or even announced from the manufacturer, but still the name rules. And developers have got that point so a whole brigade of apps is coming in Windows Phone 7 market. The latest addition is Visual Voice Mail (VVM) 7. The app is basically a voice mailutility which lets you receive, listen and manage yourvoice mails on Windows Phone 7 devices.
Well, all that this app can do, can either be accessed by dialing your voice mail number. But the big difference is that the app saves you from dialing voice mail number each time and provides a nice UI to manage your voice mails and listento old ones. The homebrew beta app can do more than that. Have a quick look at the features of Visual Voice Mail 7:
  • · Receive voice mails
  • 1. First of all download the XAP from here
    2. Move to the settings and enter the server details (voice mail server details can be obtained from the operator. For Orange, send SMS to 21101 with text STATE)
    3. Open “Messagerie” and click on the right button to refresh the message list
    You might get annoyed of the French UI but the developer has promised to bring in English version pretty soon. So stay in touch to get more on Android.
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