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Overclock HTC Inspire 4G to 1.80 GHz [Guide]

In case you rooted your Inspire 4G couple of days back and were able to flash CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3 Gingerbread on it, then there is some good news for you. According to DOAlaboratories, senior XDA member and Android developer, there is now a CM7 compatible kernel available that can overclock your HTC Inspire 4G to a whooping 1.8 GHz. So far, this is the highest stable OC done to inspire 4G and we will be happy if the chip doesn’t roast after a day or two of consistent usage.
Here is the step by step guide to overclock your Inspire 4G to 1.8 GHz with CM 7 custom kernel:
  • The first step is to make sure that you have root with CM 7 installed on your phone.
  • Now connect your phone to the computer, download the overclocking kernel zip file from here [Mirror], and save it in your SD card root.
  • Once done, reboot your phone in recovery and make a complete Nandroid backup.
  • After this use onscreen recovery options to flash this kernel on your phone.
  • Once the kernel is installed / flashed, reboot your inspire 4G and download SetCPU from market.
  • Now use SetCPU to overclock your phone to 1.8 GHz!
And there you go! Well we believe that overclocking to this extent might drain your phone’s battery life a lot quicker. And please note that overclocking is direct tinkering with your phone’s internals, so make sure that you understand all the risks involved.

Download Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Oxygen ROM For HTC Desire

In case you were looking for an Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread AOSP custom ROM for HTC Desire that’s not only stable, but also free from all kind of branded bloatware, then AdamG has the solution for you! After CyanogenMod custom ROMs and mods, Oxygen line of Custom ROMs coming from AdamG are considered to be as the best and many CM users now are loyal Oxygen converts.

The main reason for Oxygen ROMs to quickly gather user trust and loyalty is perhaps it’s bug free nature while remaining completely stock. According to AdamG, every Oxygen ROM is based on AOSP source code and is cooked with a minimalistic approach while keeping it bugl less as well as stable.
Here are some of the features of Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Oxygen ROM for HTC Desire:
  • Based on Android 2.3.3 GR140 AOSP Source Code
  • Encompasses Linux Kernel Version
  • Integrated minimalistic Google Apps
  • Superuser, Busybox and Apps2SD all present
Here is a list of all additional features that have been integrated in this ROM for enhanced user experience:
Adhoc wifi network support
Advanced power menu with reboot options
Customizable browser user agent
Customizable light settings
Customizable status bar power widget
Download any file type
Full screen browser option
Improved widget picker
Long press back to kill mod (must be activated in Settings)
Optional battery percentage
Various other tweaks and features
You can download the Android 2.3.3 Oxygen ROM for HTC Desire from here and then after a Wipe through recovery, flash / install it normally on your phone. Please note that this ROM requires you to have Armon RA Recovery on your HTC Desire. We don’t know regarding compatibility status of this ROM with ClockworkMod recovery. In case you are upgrading your phone from a previous Oxygen version, then you don’t need to Wipe you device. However it is recommended to perform a complete wipe for zero chances of crashes.
In case you need support or want further information regarding this ROM for HTC Desire, then please consult the official XDA ROM thread posted here.

Download Ads Free Angry Birds For Android [Modified] [Unofficial]

Well we don’t really know how Rovio will react to this in legal terms, but a senior XDA member, cedric123, has just released a modified version of Angry Birds for Android. According to cedric, he has optimized Angry Birds by zip aligning and batch optimizing it and also with ads removed to improve your gameplay experience. On a personal note, we aren’t huge fans of these kind of “no ads” modification, but it is also true that ads in the game’s Android version aren’t less than a menace.

So how do you install it? Don’t worry and see the instructions below to get the ads free Angry Birds on your Android phone / device.
  1. The first step is to download modified cedric’s Ads Free Angry Birds APK from here and save it on your computer.
  2. Once done, connect your Android device to the computer, mount SD Card card as flash drive and copy the APK file to SD card root.
  3. After this uninstall any version of Angry Birds that you have on your device using any good uninstaller available in Market.
  4. Now download Astro File Manager from the market and install the APK normally like other apps.
  5. Once the APK is installed, launch this modified version of Angry Birds and wait for the blue bar. According to cedric, some QVGA devices may see a black or white screen.
  6. Now push the screen lock button on your phone and after a second or two, unlock the screen.
  7. Now you will be able to see the Angry Birds launch screen with Play button in the middle. Do not tap on the play button for now.
  8. First tap on the round tab on the screen bottom followed by tapping on the mountain icon.
  9. Once you are done with these unusual tapings, press on the Play button. And now you are all set to thrash those greenies 
Alternatively, you can visit this post on your Android device’s browser and directly download the APK file to your SD card.
We can confirm this as working on our HTC Wildfire. And we do believe that it will work on your phone / tablet too. Please note that we do not, under any circumstances, promote wares, cracks or hacked apps. This post is for education purposes only.
In case you are facing any issues with game play or installation process, please consult cedric’s XDA thread posted here.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Ported To HTC G1 / Magic [Video]

No joking people! Android 3.0 Honeycomb now stands “ported” on HTC Magic and G1 with all thanks going to some industrious hackers at XDA. Well Google might have made Honeycomb just for those dazzling tablets out there and most of us perceived the same, but porting it on devices that are now considered legacy, outdated and discontinued is surely an achievement. Even Team Douche have stopped supporting these devices after their CM 6 release, but I guess that these devices will keep on getting bacon unless there are some stringent hardware restrictions

Like other Honeycomb ports, most of the essentials refuse to work as of now, but we believe that soon hackers will be able to fix these issues.
Most of the SDK based ports have plenty of non-working elements in them, so we believe that as soon as AOSP is out, things will start getting sorted for sure.
So let’s see what works in this Android 3.0 Honeycomb ROM for HTC Magic and G1:
  • Complete Honeycomb User Interface [launcher, homescreen and other essentials]
  • Data / Apps
  • Launcher 2
  • Multi Touch Works Flawless
  • LED Lights
Keyboard Lights [We believe this is specific to G1]
  • And here’s what doesn’t work:
  • No Bluetooth And Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • SMS / MMS / 3G Not Working
  • Screen Resolution Acts Crazy At Times
Here is the video preview of Android 3.0 Honeycomb On HTC G1 :
In case this interests you, then you can consult the official XDA thread posted here for downloads, installation instructions and support. All credits to yohshua and ZFr3eak for this awesomeness.

Download Meizu M9 Android Froyo Custom ROM For Desire Z / G2

HTC Desire Z / G2. The credit for this ROM porting goes to tun41sh and according to him, the build is totally experimental but should work on G2 and Desire Z. For those who don’t know, Meizu M9 is a Chinese Android phone that somehow has striking “similarities” with iPhone 4 with a Retina display.
Currently this Meizu M9 custom ROM has working phone calls, audio playback, hardware acceleration, Data, Sensors and nearly everything that you’d want working in a ROM. However enabling the Wi-Fi , camera or mounting SD card via USB causes the handset to either hang, go in a foreclosure or end up with a boot loop. GPS, MMS and some minor goodies still remain untested so you’d have to find out on your own if they work or not.
The ROM chef has been kind enough to integrate Google Apps like Gmail, Maps, Chrome to Phone, Voice, Youtube etc. And Wi-Fi calling is also added but that won’t work as initial Wi-Fi connectivity is broken.
You need to have a rooted HTC Desire Z with ClockworkMod Recovery installed to flash this Mezu M9 ROM on your HTC Desire Z / G2. We believe that a full system wipe will be necessary if you want to keep the flashing process hassle free but isn’t mentioned anywhere by the ROM chef as a requirement.
You can download the custom ROM from here and then flash it on your phone. If you have ROM Manager installed on your phone, then you can visit this post on your cell phone, download the ZIp file to your phone’s SD card and flash it easily from ROM Manager. Please note that this build is not recommended for novices as it can’t really be termed stable and you might end up turning your device in a real expensive decoration piece.

How To Overclock Motorola Xoom To 1.5 GHz

Ok guys the big news is here! Motorola XOOM has been overclocked to give a whooping stable experience at 1.5 GHZ! The credit for this overclocking of Motorola Xoom running Android 3.0 Honeycomb goes straight to coolbho3000 at XDA forums. According to the hacker, some simple kernel modification turns the XOOM dual core chip into a real beast and makes it snappier than the Tegra 2 3D.

Here is the step by step guide to overclock your Honeycomb tablet straight from the developer:
1. Make sure you’ve unlocked your Xoom’s bootloaderfor flashing first, then root it.
2. Grab this zip and extract it. It includes a boot.img with the overclocked kernel and a corresponding wifi module: Thanks to Koush for the rooted ramdisk in this boot.img!
3. Reboot into the bootloader by running:
adb reboot bootloader
4. Flash the boot image to your boot partition by running:
fastboot flash boot xoom_ocboot.img
5. Push the bcm4329.ko to your /system/lib/modules folder and reboot to re-enable wifi:
adb remount
adb push bcm4329.ko /system/lib/modules/bcm4329.ko
adb reboot
Here is the video of Motorola Xoom doing 1504 MHz!
You can head to the official XDA thread posted here for more info and to get hands on support if you get stuck with the tutorial.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Download HTC Desire S Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread ROM

Download HTC Desire S Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread ROM

Things happen really quick in the Android world and lately Paul O Brien, Android hacker and Modaco Forum administrator, has released a HTC Desire S ROM. It is believed that this ROM has been extracted from a test RUU dump of the phone that hasn’t seen consumer hands until now. For those who don’t know, HTC recently announced several Android devices with old names and a new S predecessor such as Incredible S, Desire S, Wildfire S etc.

According to Paul, the ROM is complete with no changes [everything stock, including brandware and bloatware] based on a test RUU of HTC Desire S / HTC Saga. It is Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread and comes loaded with boot animation. We believe that noobs like us, who rely on flashing completed ROMs, won’t be finding this very interesting but ROM chefs and modders might juice the right bacon out of this RUU based Desire S ROM.

Here is what Paul has to say about this release:
  • This is the full ROM with no changes EXCEPT to remove identifying watermarks (at the request of my source)
  • It’s Gingerbread 2.3.2
  • The boot image is included
This is obviously for developer use.
You can download HTC Desire S Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread based ROM from here and then do whatever you feel like doing with it. Please note that this ROM isn’t yet ready for you prime time usage and we can’t guarantee if it works stable or turns your phone into an effing zombie. In our opinion, you should wait for the developers to integrated parts of this ROM to their upcoming releases that are in a zip file and easy to flash / install on your handset.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 Funny Kids On Halloween

Electric Kid


Share Contacts by SMS On Android

If you are looking for some app that allows you to send contacts via sms this post is made for you. I am going to tell you guys about an app known as ” Share Contacts“.
Here are some Features of Share Contacts app.
  • Send contacts by SM
  • Pick up contact information from saved contracts Send Customized information
  • Retrieve contact information from SMS
  • Save retrieved Contact Information in Phone Contacts

Android 2.3 and Windows Phone 7 Simulator OS for iPhone

OSFaker is a new Cydia (jailbreak) tweak for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that allows you to simulates both Android and Windows Phone 7 operating system in your iOS devices. However, WP7 was just a recent addition in the tweak. Well, this particular Magic can only made possible by Cydia. OSFaker is pretty much as like the Android theme or WP7 theme enabled app for iPhone as it’s a Cydia tweak and you just have to installed it, nothing else. More over, after the break.
The tweak gets improved in this 2.0 version which added features; Retina display support, a proper Android 2.3 Gingerbread User Interface, new apps, fixes WP7 web browser, fixes camera app for iPod that eventually get crashes, new and improved loader screen, and other bug fixes.
OSFaker can be downloaded from the Cydia Store for free under BigBoss repository or using this repo.

Download And Install Android 2.2 Froyo ROM On Xperia X1

It is Froyo build with updated packages from 2.2.2
based on Cyanogen Mod ported by Neopeek …. with major modifications ..
Here is the step by step guide to install Fast Froyo –Android 2.2 Froyo Custom ROM based on CyanogenMod 6.1 Neopeek port on your Sony Ericsson Xperia X1:
  1. The first step is to create an ext 2 partition on your phone’s memory card by following the instructions provided in this video.
  2. Once done, download the ROM file from here and copy .rar contents to SD Card root.
  3. After this launch npkinstall folder and press on install.exe.
  4. Once the phone restarts, open haret.exe and it’s done.
Some Tips:
1- At first boot leave it for about 5 minutes to start …
2- Open all applications at first boot .. then restart … to get best performance as neopeek advised …
2- Don’t forget to turn gps off if you aren’t using it ..To save battery ( settings > Locatio & security )
3- Go to Settings->Applications and check on “Unknown sources”
4- If you want to get recent opened apps ..
long press on home button (x-Button)
5- If you recieved a call & can’t hear any voice ..
just turn on the speaker and turn it off again ..
6- Open spare parts … Select ( End button behaviour) and change it to
[No thing] or [ go to home (preferred)] …
7- To see the time in the time bar you should change it’s color:
Go to: Settings -> CyanogenMod settings -> User interface -> Status bar -> Clock color
*** By whycry …
8- If you hear a strange sound come out from the speaker .. Just start android while it is connected to charger …
Via: Imran

Free Video Calls using Iphone and Android.

Today while surfing Apple’s App Store i found an interesting application that i want to share it. All of us wants to minimize cost of calling to our friends and family. It really very now a days when everyone have their own gadgets in hands.
Tango, its not only an application it really can a life changing tool for everyone.  As, Tango brings you free, high-quality mobile voice and video calls over 3G and Wi-Fi! It’s easy to use, it’s fun, and it works… Calling was never so simple and cheap just install the application and you are ready to go!
To Download it for iphone search “Tango” in App Store, and in Google Market for Android.
Or simply click the following links!!!

How To Keep Your Android Phone From Being Hacked By Malicious Apps

Yesterday, 21 malicious apps Google yanked from the Android Market. Now at least 30 more have been discovered and removed. These apps are designed to gain root access to your phone and steal information such as your carrier ID. It also opens up your phone to even more malicious code.
Many of the apps have seemingly innocuous names like “Scientific Calculator” or raunchy ones like “Super Sex Positions.” If you’re ever in doubt about an app, err on the side of caution and don’t download it.
One of our commenters pointed out a free Android app called Lookout that will scan anything you download to your phone for malware. We’ve used Lookout before, but haven’t found a need for it until now.
Download it for free in the Android Market and allow it to run in the background. Lookout will notify you if it finds a virus or malware on your phone.
So far, it looks like three developers are responsible for the malicious apps. If you see an app fromwe20090202Kingmall2010, or Myournet do not download it.
Here’s the list of the malicious apps from Lookout’s blog that have been identified so far:
  • Falling Down
  • Super Guitar Solo
  • Super History Eraser
  • Photo Editor
  • Super Ringtone Maker
  • Super Sex Positions
  • Hot Sexy Videos
  • Chess
  • 下坠滚球_Falldown
  • Hilton Sex Sound
  • Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls
  • Falling Ball Dodge
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Dice Roller
  • 躲避弹球
  • Advanced Currency Converter
  • App Uninstaller
  • 几何战机_PewPew
  • Funny Paint
  • Spider Man
  • 蜘蛛侠
  • Bowling Time
  • Advanced Barcode Scanner
  • Supre Bluetooth Transfer
  • Task Killer Pro
  • Music Box
  • Sexy Girls: Japanese
  • Sexy Legs
  • Advanced File Manager
  • Magic Strobe Light
  • 致命绝色美腿
  • 墨水坦克Panzer Panic
  • 裸奔先生Mr. Runner
  • 软件强力卸载
  • Advanced App to SD
  • Super Stopwatch & Timer
  • Advanced Compass Leveler
  • Best password safe
  • 掷骰子
  • 多彩绘画
  • Finger Race
  • Piano
  • Bubble Shoot
  • Advanced Sound Manager
  • Magic Hypnotic Spiral
  • Funny Face
  • Color Blindness Test
  • Tie a Tie
  • Quick Notes
  • Basketball Shot Now
  • Quick Delete Contacts
  • Omok Five in a Row
  • Super Sexy Ringtones
  • 大家来找茬
  • 桌上曲棍球
  • 投篮高手

Warning: Not to Update iOS 4.3

Apple has pushed out iOS 4.3 firmware for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.Well, the important thing is that what about the unlock now as it was stated previously by the iPhone Dev-Team that they released unlock tool for the new baseband right after the iOS 4.3 will came out.
Since, iPhone 4 users with the 02.10.04, 03.10.01 and 4.10.01 baseband waiting to get unlocked their devices on other carriers. Well, sadly no unlock for the iPhone 4 users with the newer baseband yet they still have to wait more, said by the MuscleNerd who is the senior member of iPhone Dev Team.
According to his tweet, it’s was suggested to all the users to not to update their devices on iOS 4.3 firmwares. However, there’s still a hope for the unlock soon but not yet.
MuscleNerd: Ultrasn0w unlockers should know the drill! Don’t let iTunes trick you into installing today’s 4.3 iOS. Just say no!
MuscleNerd: Sorry, there’s no news on the i4 unlock for those who lost 01.59 (or never had it). It’s taking longer than we wanted
MuscleNerd: @Cleansman there’s no way for us to know. We were making great headway with one version til we realized it was SIM dependent (!)
If you are on the 01.59.xx baseband on your iPhone 4, You must not update iOS 4.3 on your device as because this baseband still unlockable with Ultrasn0w 1.2.
Other iPhone 4 users, have patience for some more time as Dev-Team working hard to take you out soon. Surely, we will keep you updated as soon as it become available

Android Vs Apple : Hilarious & Cool Bootscreen

If you’re anything like I am, you probably spend a good deal of time every day trying out new kernels in order to maximize your device’s performance. Inherent to that is the need to restart quite frequently, and we all know how much fun that is. (Hint: Not very.) Luckily, XDA member Charlieb620 has created a custom boot animation that helps make that process a little bit more enjoyable. The animation features the ubiquitous bitten fruit logo not-so-glamorously taken off stage by the none other than the lovable Android mascot, clad in classic variety show attire.
Screen Shots:
Download file and use root explorer and replace it in the system/media folder make sure to tap the top right to allow permissions to overwrite previous and reboot and your done.
Via: Imran

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All In One Guide To Create Flame Text Effect In Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is amazing software that gives us numerous possibilities of creating cool and remarkable text effects. It just needs a little bit of exploring filter effects and layer styles. Combining different effects and layer styles produces the results that otherwise may not be possible. Today my guide is about flame text effect. You may have seen this effect on posters ofhorror movies or websites. We can create this text effect in Adobe Photoshop CS versions. I have tried to simplify the process as much as I can, while trying to produce realistic results. Let’s learn this effect
Open adobe Photoshop and create a new document. You can vary the size up to your requirements.
Fill the background with Black color. Now pick the type tool from the toolbar and write any text in the middle of the document. Make sure to leave the space for flames. You can use any type of font, but I will recommend you to use any serif font. I have used Times New Roman. You can keep the size of font to 30 points or vary it according to your needs.
Now right click on the text layer and click Rasterize layer. We will apply the filter of wind. For thisfilter to apply we need to rotate the canvas. Go to image > rotate canvas >90o clockwise.

Now go to Filter>Stylize>Wind. In the dialog box of Wind filter, select the options of “Wind” and “From the Left “. Repeat the filter three times or you can repeat it depending on how high flames you want.
After applying the Wind filter, rotate back the canvas. For this again go to Image>Rotate Canvas>90anti-clockwise. Take marquee tool and make a selection around the text.
Now is the time to apply the liquify filter. Using this filter we will give wavy shape to our flames that will make it looks like real fire. Go to Filter>Liquify. Select the forward warp tool. Increase the brush size to 100px. Now with this soft brush move some flames slightly right and some flames slightly left. Do not apply the brush on letters. Just use it on flames. You can refer to the following screen shot.
Now while in liquify dialog box, decrease the brush size to 30px and use it on edges of letters to give the impact as flames are shooting from the text. Apply it everywhere on the letters where you can give the impact of shooting flames. Click OK to exit liquify dialog box.
Now we will add some color to our flame to give it a realistic effect. On the bottom of the layer panel, click “create new fill or adjustment layer”. From the visible list, select the hue/saturation. This will open the dialog box of hue and saturation. Check the option of colorize given at the bottom of the hue/saturation dialog box. Now keep the value of the hue to 33 and keep the value of the saturation to 100. Leave the lightness to default. Click OK to apply the colors. To give it even more realistic effect, again go to layer panel and click on “create new fill or adjustment layer”. Again click on hue/saturation. This time don’t check the option of colorize and set the value of hue to -15. Press ok to apply the colors. So the final result is
This was all for today. I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial. If you face any difficulty or confusion, please use the comments section.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Coming In September To Optimus One P500 official

There is some interesting news for LG Optimus One P500 users as LG has confirmed officialAndroid 2.3 Gingerbread update on their Italian Facebook page. According to LG, the LGOptimus One P500 will start getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread update in September this year.
Here is the screen shot that says it all:

We believe that modding community won’t be hanging on for 7 months to get their phones updated to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. But if you are a “stock” fan and want to keep things official”, then 7 months might not sound too long.

Guide To Create Molded Tin Effect Text In Photoshop Easily

In Adobe Photoshop, infinite number of text effects can be created easily. It only takes a creativemind and an urge to explore the tools, layer styles and filter effects. You may have come across many guides about metallic text effects. My today’s guide is also going to be about metallic text effect, yet it will be quite different as the final result produced will give impact as tin is being molded to create letters. The best part is this you can apply this effect to any thick object apart from the text and it will look equally good. Let’s start with our today’s guide.
Create a new document in Photoshop. You can keep any size up to your requirements. The size of my document was 600×400 pixels.
Take type tool and type your desired word in the middle of the document. You can keep your desired font but this effect works well on plain and thick fonts. I have used Arial font. Similarly you can keep the font size up to your requirements but it should be big enough to display the effect properly.

Now we will just play with layer styles to create this effect. So double click the type layer to open layer styles. The layer styles whose settings need to be changed are Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, Bevel & Emboss, Contour, Satin and Stroke. For these styles change the following attributes and leave the rest of the settings to default.
Drop Shadow:
· Blend mode: Multiply
· Opacity: 41%
· Angle: 90o
· Distance: 10 px
· Spread: 0
· Size: 20 px
Inner shadow:
· Blend mode: Pin Light
· Opacity: 70%
· Angle: -90o
· Distance = 10 px
· Size = 20 px
Inner glow:
· Blend mode: Multiply
· Opacity: 50%
· Choke: 5%
· Size: 5%
· Range: 50%
Bevel and Emboss:
· Style: Emboss
· Technique: Smooth
· Depth: 195 %
· Size: 10 px
· Angle: -90o
· Attitude: 26o
· Glass Contours: Peak
· Shadow mode: Overlay
· Opacity: 70%
· Contour: default, Range: 100%
· Blend mode: screen
· Angle: 135o
· Distance: 10 px
· Size: 10 px
· Contour: sawtooth 1
· Check the boxes of Anti-aliased and Invert
· Size: 1 px
· Position: Outside
· Color: Black.
After changing these settings, press the OK button to exit the layer style window. Now change the blending mode of the layer to Screen.
So here is the final result:
You can complement it with background of any color. Don’t worry about the background; this text effect will reflect the color of its background that looks too cool. I have applied the Blue color to its background. For this take new layer. With paint bucket, pour Blue color in the background. In the layers panel, move this layer underneath the type layer and change the mode of the layer to Color. Here is the illustration.
So this was how to create tin molded text effect. Thanks for reading the guide. Do give it a try; I hope it will work for you. To clear any confusion or to add anything to this, please use the comments section.