Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GingerBread Taskbar ,Keyboard and Dialer For HD2

If you’re a fan of the Android look on the HD2, but you’re not really sure you want to take the leap and put Android on your device, why not try Android look on your beloved phone first?
The XDA member has taken the refined look from Android’s latest sweet, Gingerbread, and applied it to the Windows Mobile taskbar, keyboard and dialer forming part of the Windroid series of themes.
The cab files are compatible with WVGA devices running Windows Mobile 6.5.x (WM 6.5 is not currently supported). WVGA Device – HD2 , HD1 , IMAGO , TOUCH PRO2…….
Screen Shot:

GingerBread Keyboard

Download Keyboard.rar
Android Dialer

Source: XDA

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