Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guide To Create Molded Tin Effect Text In Photoshop Easily

In Adobe Photoshop, infinite number of text effects can be created easily. It only takes a creativemind and an urge to explore the tools, layer styles and filter effects. You may have come across many guides about metallic text effects. My today’s guide is also going to be about metallic text effect, yet it will be quite different as the final result produced will give impact as tin is being molded to create letters. The best part is this you can apply this effect to any thick object apart from the text and it will look equally good. Let’s start with our today’s guide.
Create a new document in Photoshop. You can keep any size up to your requirements. The size of my document was 600×400 pixels.
Take type tool and type your desired word in the middle of the document. You can keep your desired font but this effect works well on plain and thick fonts. I have used Arial font. Similarly you can keep the font size up to your requirements but it should be big enough to display the effect properly.

Now we will just play with layer styles to create this effect. So double click the type layer to open layer styles. The layer styles whose settings need to be changed are Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, Bevel & Emboss, Contour, Satin and Stroke. For these styles change the following attributes and leave the rest of the settings to default.
Drop Shadow:
· Blend mode: Multiply
· Opacity: 41%
· Angle: 90o
· Distance: 10 px
· Spread: 0
· Size: 20 px
Inner shadow:
· Blend mode: Pin Light
· Opacity: 70%
· Angle: -90o
· Distance = 10 px
· Size = 20 px
Inner glow:
· Blend mode: Multiply
· Opacity: 50%
· Choke: 5%
· Size: 5%
· Range: 50%
Bevel and Emboss:
· Style: Emboss
· Technique: Smooth
· Depth: 195 %
· Size: 10 px
· Angle: -90o
· Attitude: 26o
· Glass Contours: Peak
· Shadow mode: Overlay
· Opacity: 70%
· Contour: default, Range: 100%
· Blend mode: screen
· Angle: 135o
· Distance: 10 px
· Size: 10 px
· Contour: sawtooth 1
· Check the boxes of Anti-aliased and Invert
· Size: 1 px
· Position: Outside
· Color: Black.
After changing these settings, press the OK button to exit the layer style window. Now change the blending mode of the layer to Screen.
So here is the final result:
You can complement it with background of any color. Don’t worry about the background; this text effect will reflect the color of its background that looks too cool. I have applied the Blue color to its background. For this take new layer. With paint bucket, pour Blue color in the background. In the layers panel, move this layer underneath the type layer and change the mode of the layer to Color. Here is the illustration.
So this was how to create tin molded text effect. Thanks for reading the guide. Do give it a try; I hope it will work for you. To clear any confusion or to add anything to this, please use the comments section.

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