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Where Is My Toy ?

COMPLETE Android 2.1 Nexus One ROM

This is Open Eclair brought to you by Chris Soyars, Wes Garner and Friends.

You asked for it and you GOT IT! A COMPLETE 2.1 Nexus One ROM on the G1.

2.1 Lockscreen
RAM Hack (canceled out if you use Launcher or Live Wallpapers =p)
Nexus Lancher2
Live Wallpapers (some still don't work) Market ones do =)
New 2.0 Eclair apps

Things I like:
All the 2.0 Eclair apps and features
All the 2.1 NEXUS features! (You asked, you got 'em!)
Speed (fast for Eclair)
STABLE (a lot more than KingKlicks 2.1 Hero ROM)
Its an "OPEN" ROM that's being tag teamed by 2 (and more) awesome devs (Chris Soyar, Wes Garner) meaning it will continue to advance =)

Don't Like:
Slow (compared to Super D)
Buggy launcher2 and Nexus gallery, got a few kernel panics causing restart and a frozen screen. Still fairly early so there's room for improvement)
Live wallpapers and Launcher are just for "show." Take up HUGE resources (if G1's weren't so limited this wouldn't be a problem)
Video doesn't work.

This ROM is for people that felt like they were missing out being "stuck with" 1.6
Chris Soyar and Wes Garner have done the impossible and they deserve rightful praise and DONATIONS.

If you like their work show your thanks in donations.

They are doing all this for free and like I said, they've accomplished the "impossible" for US and for nothing.
Show them you appreciate their time and effort and that the ANDROID COMMUNITY IS THE GREATEST! =)

Get the ROM here:

Huawei S7 Android 7" Tablet

Here's a 7" Android Tablet prototype presented by Huawei at Mobile World Congress 2010, it has got a customized Android user interface, with special home screens and other customizations designed by Huawei to make the 7" Android tablet user experience pretty good.

Moonse 7 Inch Android Tablet

Google Android Tablet with WIFI, 3G, Mini USB Port

You can find this tablet at
This Powerful Android Tablet PC is now Hot Selling!!!!
Only 300 Pieces produced per day, Sold out in nearly all shops from HuaQiangBei, Shenzhen!! Some purchasing agents even fight for it!! OMG!!
This device has 1.1 GHz CPU (600MHz/500MHz DSP), not 1.2 GHz as puffed by some Ebay Sellers, but still the most powerful CPU compared with other Android Tablets.
Also this is the only one Android Tablet which has two Mini USB Ports, so you can connect it with keyboard, 3G routers and other usb devices.
130W Camera enable you to do video chat with friends online anywhere has WIFI hot spot!
It could play various Video formats, throw away your MP4 players, Tablet PC is what you should and deserve to have in 2010!!
Supper slim and slight body (14.7mm, 330g), only 1mm thicker than Ipad, but only half weight of Ipad!!
If everyone around you has an Ipad, you must be the first to have an Apad, because only 300 pieces produced per day!!
What are you waiting for? Boost Your Ego Now!

Gpad MID E-book Reader WIFI Google Android OS Touch Screen Mini ipad Laptop

Howto restore Alpines stuck at the Bootloader.

A charged up HTC Alpine thats stuck in the SERIAL v1.01 screen
A 512Mb SD Memory Card, can't see this working with any other size.
A USB card reader on your PC that gives you a drive letter in My Computer
A copy of NTRW v2.00 (in archive)
A ROM image (in archive)

Finding a friend who's happy with DOS will be a great help!
DOS commands are in Courier Font to help differate

Step 1:
Charge the phone!
Personally I'd charge the battery in the big slot on the USB base.

Gpad G10 Android 2.1 MID

Pandawill brings a newer version of Android 2.1 tablet, the 2.1 plus accelerometer and a front facing camera for video calls. It is listed $149.99 with free shipping plus one year warranty.

How to Hack an Account on Roblox

Lambda 2.4 - "DroidShepherd" Team Video

The team video for the Lambda 2.4 entry to the 2011 CONRAD Spirit of Innovation Awards (SOIA). The concept highlights session hijacking over public Wi-Fi networks, specifically the Mozilla Firefox extension Firesheep. In this video the use of Firesheep to steal login sessions is clearly demonstrated. No screen images were simulated.

The Lambda 2.4 entry to the SOIA, DroidShepherd, is an android-based application that aims to disable and detect Firesheep using packet manipulation. Team Lambda 2.4 is based in Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County, Virginia.

EDGE Connectivity Settings for Vodafone India

In this post I am writing How to get Vodafone GPRS settings for our Iphone.
No JailBreaking Required !! !!

1.Download and Install iPhone Configuration Utility Please Do a GOOGLE search I am Restricted to post Links sorry !! :-( !!

2.Open iPhone Configuration Utility and click Configuration profiles in the Left Pane of the Utility

3. In the Down Pane you will see several options/sub menus like General, pass code etc..
Click "General" Sub Menu
3.1 In Name give the value as "Vodafone" [without Quotes]
3.2 In Identifier give the value as "" [without Quotes]
4. Scroll Down in the Down Pane and you will see a sub menu "Advanced" click it
4.1 You will see Access Point Name APN name
4.2 Give the value as "www" [without Quotes]

In the Top pane you will see the Profile settings as Vodafone

5 Now connect your iPhone and the Device will be recognized in the Utility
6 In the Left pane click on the Devices and In Bottom pane you will see Many Tabbed Options.Click on the Configuration Profile option
7 Click the Install Option and you will see a POP UP option in your iPhone Accept it and Install
You will see a new "Profile"option in your Settings >> General in your iPhone

And VOLA!! !! You have EDGE Connectivity in your iPhone !! !!

Why I am writing this :
I am owning an iPhone4 in India[Chennai] and went to Vodafone Store for GPRS settings.The executive told me Sir,For iPhone we have a special package and the Tariff is as follows :
Pay Rs.100 as monthly Rental and you will be charged 10 Paise for 10 KB and No Booster/Add-On`s available.
I felt really bad and did a quite research and made this working !! !!

Remember we are not Hacking Vodafone server/settings :P !! !! We are Just creating a profile in our iPhone for getting the normal EDGE/GPRS settings !! !!

I have activated 98 RS GPRS pack and the speed of connection is Quite OK [SPEED : 0.09Mbps]
Something is better than Nothing !!

Try These In-case you are not receiving the EDGE connectivity :
  1. Make sure you have turned this on your iPhone Settings>>CellularData>>ON
  2. SMS ACT VMC to 144
  3. wait for reply from 144
  4. Restart your iPhone and check for the EDGE connection
  5. You must see "E"symbol in your status bar near to your signal Bar
  6. Now open safari and check whether you are able to hit ""

iPhone3G with T-Mobile Problems.

Well, I solved my own problem and I thought I would share for anyone else that experiences it.

Problem: RedSn0w updates the BaseBand when it is used with iOS 4.2.1.
It updates it to the correct version for iOS 4.2.1 (05.15.04)
Baseband 05.15.04 is NOT Unlockable.

Solution: Using RedSn0w (the same program that messed it up in the first place)
Load your IPSW and select "Install iPad Baseband".
You get a warning popup because there is a risk of losing use of GPS when you update the BB and it also makes it impossible to go back to the original BB, which obviously voids the warranty.
Boot into DFU and let RedSn0w do its thing.

Once the BB is updated to 6.15 install UltraSn0w from Cydia and your phone will be Unlocked.

Hope this helps someone.

Useful apps:
FuzzyBand-Check your Baseband and Bootloader version.
UltraSn0w and RedSn0w.

Minigore Theme v.1.1

Do you love playing Minigore on your iPhone? then what are you waiting for? download and install this beautiful theme now.

The Minigore Theme includes more 100+ custom icons, Shelves, Lockscreen, Landscape SMS Theme, Icy theme, Dock, Status Bar and much more.

if you have any questions or Comments feel free to email me:

NOTE: Reflective Dock, Apple signal bars, 5 icon Dock, Umbrella Logo, T-mobile logo and Wi-Fi logos are not included and i am not the author.

if you need help installing it please Click Here!

all the best themes and fonts for iphone

the best fonts and themes! share it with you guys.. Link

[DIALER SKIN] Iphone 4 Black Dialer by BT73

Just Download, extract and read Readme.txt...
Good Luck

Download Link

HTC Status Bar for CM6 and Gingerbread ROMs

This is a black status bar theme that looks just like the one you had back in the days when you were running the Eris OTA ROM. This theme is for medium resolution phones like the Eris, Hero, etc.

Gingerbread ROMs

Tested with GSB 1.5 and 2.2, but it should install just fine on any medium-res GB rom. For now there is a single theme file that updates the top status bar. I haven't yet ported the pull-down notification panel.


Download the attached file and then install using ZipThemer with these instructions. ZipThemer is free from the market.

CM6-based ROMs (Froyo)

I developed and tested it with KaosFroyo v32, v37, and v39. It will work on most any CM6 ROMs with the same screen resolution as the Eris.

There are two themes, one which just sets the color and icons in the top status bar, and another that updates the notification pull-down panel. Install both if you want the full HTC notification experience.


This is now a ZipThemer theme, but also remains compatible with MetaMorph.

1) Install the ZipThemer version 1.1 or above from the Market. Its free!

2) Download the attached Also download for the full HTC notification experience. The first sets the top status bar, the second modifies the pull-down notification panel.

3) Fire up ZipThemer.

4) Click "+Theme" and browse to, then select, Repeat if you also want to install

5) Optionally select a different output zip file, and/or edit the ouptut filename using the "+Output" and "*Output" buttons.

6) If installing both the status bar and notification panel at the same time, expand the HtcBlackStatusBar item and uncheck the "CM Tweak Extras file", leaving the corresponding item checked under HtcNotificationBar.

7) Click "Built It!" to create the flashable file. The output file is signed and ready for flashing! But don't flash yet, you have to set the notification text colors in separate steps, so continuing on...

8) Press Menu, Settings -> CyanogenMod Settings -> User Interface -> Tweak extras -> Select a Theme. Select HtcBlackStatusBar if you are only installing the status bar changes, or HtcNotificationPanel if installing both the bar and panel themes.

Click "OK".

10) Now boot into recovery and flash your update.

The file can be used to return the status bar and notification panel to the stock Froyo look and feel. This theme also contains a cmparts_ui.xml for setting the clock and text colors back to black. E.g., same instructions as above to install.

HTC Sense Transparent LockScreen

Originally created by JsChiSurf over in the Hero forums via my encouragement  This version is made for the Eris, it is not the same as the Hero version (which doesn't work properly for us).

This is a modification of the STOCK HTC Sense lockscreen that removes the background so you can see your homescreen behind it.

*Users need to already be comfortable with using 'adb' I won't be providing support on that since there are numerous threads with instructions all around.*

**Before** pushing the apk into that folder, you'll need to FIRST perform the following steps to remove the stock lock wallpapers from loading, as well as any cached custom wallpaper you have applied. You can perform these via adb as listed, or if you have Root Explorer (on the marketplace), you can navigate to the folders listed and delete the items that way.

adb remount
adb shell
cd /data/misc/lockscreen
rm *

cd /system/customize/resource
rm htc_wallpaper*

Note: You may or may not have anything to delete in /system/customize/resource, so if you get an error message while using adb, don't worry. MD5: 9423D8C3D6CBBF3E084CD185130F9649
*APK NOTE: APKs are case sensitive, be sure you install this without renaming it, or it wont overwrite your original APK*

After you extract the zip to your sdk/tools directory perform the following (case sensitive):

adb push HtcLockScreen.apk /system/app
adb reboot
If you get "read-only" errors, try "adb remount" OR "adb shell", then, "su", then "mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system" and then the other commands.

EDIT: Clock-less version now available for download! Same instructions apply.

Clock-less Info: **Since some users may have performed the 'experienced users' steps below, an Android image has been added to 'lockscreen_topedge.png' so that it isn't 100% transparent.
If you want to remove this image: First, download the ZIP below with the PNGs, take any one of those and rename it to 'lockscreen_topedge.png, open the lock apk in your favorite zip file manager (winzip, winrar, 7-zip), navigate to "res\drawable-normal-mdpi" and drag your newly-renamed PNG in there. If a dialog pops up, be sure you select the option that has NO compression, this is usually called "Store."**
Make a post if you have any problems NOT related to 'adb.' Again, support is not provided for that.

Clockless MD5: B604B530E02C47DA81AD8B4563BE71D2

Now some optional additional steps for **experienced users only** (I suck at tech support so if you ask something, I'll try to answer, but no guarantees):

If you put the PNGs included in the zip below into '\res\drawable-mdpi', it will remove the HTC "Arc" on the lockscreen. Now, to create your own Arc replacement, all you'll need to do is go into 'HtcLockScreen.apk\res\drawable-normal-mdpi' and change the lockscreen_topedge.png to your liking A much easier change than fiddling with your resources apk everytime and its only 1 image to change, instead of trying to line up three. Of course, if you remove the Arc and do not change your lockscreen_topedge.png, you will have a completely invisible lockscreen, so don't freak yourself out, just make something for that PNG.

*Does not seem to work with Hero or Legend ROMs*

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Download Windows Phone 7 Connector v1.1 for Mac

Windows Phone 7 Connector v1.1 for Mac is out there with some features improvements, and bug fixes.

What’s New in Version 1.1
Windows Phone 7 Connector 1.1 provides the following updates and changes:
  • Windows Phone 7 Connector Agent allows customers to configure Windows Phone 7 Connector to start whenever a supported device is connected.
  • Apple Lossless encoded audio files are now supported and synced to devices.
  • Resolved high CPU utilization problem in certain sync situations
  • Performance improvements
Download Windows Phone 7 Connector v1.1 for Mac

Official Gingerbread I9000xxjvk Leaked for Samsung’s Galaxy S

Gingerbread build I9000XXJVK is leaked for Samsung’s Galaxy S series mobiles as its official release was rumored to be pending due to unknown reasons.

If you want to download Gingerbread build I9000XXJVK for your Galaxy S then head over to the source to grab it.

Download Native HTC Compass App for Windows Phone 7

HTC has released digital compass app for HTC Windows Phone 7 devices which is available for download through Marketplace yet not available on HTC Hub.

To play with HTC compass app on WP7 go to Windows Marketplace and download it for free whereas developers with unlcoked phones can grab .XAP file from XDA.

Download Firefox 4 Final for Android and Maemo

Few days back Firefox 4 RC for Android and Maemo was released but now Firefox 4 final version is out there for mobile devices.

Android and Maemo users can download latest Firefox 4 from the link below.
Download Firefox 4 Final for Android and Maemo

I0n1c Gives iOS 4.3.1 Untether Jailbreak to iPhone Dev-Team for Release

I0n1c who has earlier shared iOS 4.3 jailbreak untethered video demo now posted untethered iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak video on iPod Touch 4G which is embedded below.

According to I0n1c tweet the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 is handed over to iPhone Dev-Team for testing and integration into their jailbreak tools for future.

How to Downgrade iOS 4.3.1 to 4.3, 4.2.1, 4.1 on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

The adviser accounting beneath let you bodies advice to decline iOS 4.3.1 to any antecedent adaptation of iOS including 4.3, 4.2.1, 4.1 on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
Note: This Adviser alone works for users who accept adored the ECIDs with SHSH to Cydia for iOS 4.3, 4.2.1 or 4.1.
Downgrade iOS 4.3.1 to 4.3, 4.2.1 or 4.1 Firmware
Step 1
Download the old iOS firmware to which you ambition to decline your iOS 4.3.1 iDevice iOS 4.3, iOS 4.2.1, iOS 4.1
Step 2
To put your iDevice into DFU approach (not accretion mode) chase the instructions below:
* Connect your iDevice to computer and about-face it off
* Accessible iTunes
* Authority Home and Power buttons calm for at atomic 10 seconds
* Release Power button by accumulate captivation the Home button until your arrangement recognizes a new USB device
* iTunes will admit your iDevice
Step 3
Windows users
* Cross to the aisle c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ and accessible the hosts book with Notepad or Wordpad
* Add by the end of hosts file, save it and abutting it
Mac users
* Bang on Finder
* Cross to Go > Go to Folder to admission /etc/ agenda and archetype the hosts book to desktop and again accessible that with TextEdit
* Add by the end of hosts file, save and abutting it
* Archetype the adapted hosts book from desktop and adhesive it on the area of aboriginal hosts book to alter that
Note: In Windows you charge accept authoritative privileges admitting Mac users charge to accept abounding read, address admission to the annual to adapt hosts file.
Step 4
Open iTunes and beneath iDevices baddest your affiliated device
Windows users
* Press and authority Shift key and bang on Restore button
Mac users
* Press and authority Alt key and again bang Restore button
Step 5
iTunes will prompt, cross to your appropriate iOS firmware book area to baddest it and bang Accessible button
Step 6
Now, be accommodating and let iTunes complete restore process, on achievement your iDevice will automatically reboot
Step 7
Sometimes while you restore your iDevice to iOS 4.3, iOS 4.2.1 or 4.1, iTunes shows absurdity 1013, so aloof avoid it because the firmware restore has been already completed successfully
Step 8
In case your iDevice get ashore in Accretion Approach and shows Connect to iTunes bulletin on awning which is because of absurdity 1013 again download TinyUmbrella (Windows/Mac), run it and bang Exit Accretion button and your iDevice will alpha normally
Step 9
Remove band from the hosts book so that iTunes will alert for approaching updates by Apple
Enjoy, you auspiciously restore your iOS 4.3.1 accessory to your appropriate earlier iOS version.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wild Hair on Van de Graaff generator

How Does a Van de Graaff Generator Work?

Physical Science : How Do Electric Generators Work?

Boston University: Jeffrey G. & Group

"The Battle of Comm Ave" Boston University vs. Boston College

L-N University Logo

The University of Tokyo 130th LOGO

Best Free iPhone Apps List

Head Mounted Display for Virtual/Augmented Reality