Saturday, April 2, 2011

Google Android Tablet with WIFI, 3G, Mini USB Port

You can find this tablet at
This Powerful Android Tablet PC is now Hot Selling!!!!
Only 300 Pieces produced per day, Sold out in nearly all shops from HuaQiangBei, Shenzhen!! Some purchasing agents even fight for it!! OMG!!
This device has 1.1 GHz CPU (600MHz/500MHz DSP), not 1.2 GHz as puffed by some Ebay Sellers, but still the most powerful CPU compared with other Android Tablets.
Also this is the only one Android Tablet which has two Mini USB Ports, so you can connect it with keyboard, 3G routers and other usb devices.
130W Camera enable you to do video chat with friends online anywhere has WIFI hot spot!
It could play various Video formats, throw away your MP4 players, Tablet PC is what you should and deserve to have in 2010!!
Supper slim and slight body (14.7mm, 330g), only 1mm thicker than Ipad, but only half weight of Ipad!!
If everyone around you has an Ipad, you must be the first to have an Apad, because only 300 pieces produced per day!!
What are you waiting for? Boost Your Ego Now!

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