Saturday, April 2, 2011

HTC Sense Transparent LockScreen

Originally created by JsChiSurf over in the Hero forums via my encouragement  This version is made for the Eris, it is not the same as the Hero version (which doesn't work properly for us).

This is a modification of the STOCK HTC Sense lockscreen that removes the background so you can see your homescreen behind it.

*Users need to already be comfortable with using 'adb' I won't be providing support on that since there are numerous threads with instructions all around.*

**Before** pushing the apk into that folder, you'll need to FIRST perform the following steps to remove the stock lock wallpapers from loading, as well as any cached custom wallpaper you have applied. You can perform these via adb as listed, or if you have Root Explorer (on the marketplace), you can navigate to the folders listed and delete the items that way.

adb remount
adb shell
cd /data/misc/lockscreen
rm *

cd /system/customize/resource
rm htc_wallpaper*

Note: You may or may not have anything to delete in /system/customize/resource, so if you get an error message while using adb, don't worry. MD5: 9423D8C3D6CBBF3E084CD185130F9649
*APK NOTE: APKs are case sensitive, be sure you install this without renaming it, or it wont overwrite your original APK*

After you extract the zip to your sdk/tools directory perform the following (case sensitive):

adb push HtcLockScreen.apk /system/app
adb reboot
If you get "read-only" errors, try "adb remount" OR "adb shell", then, "su", then "mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system" and then the other commands.

EDIT: Clock-less version now available for download! Same instructions apply.

Clock-less Info: **Since some users may have performed the 'experienced users' steps below, an Android image has been added to 'lockscreen_topedge.png' so that it isn't 100% transparent.
If you want to remove this image: First, download the ZIP below with the PNGs, take any one of those and rename it to 'lockscreen_topedge.png, open the lock apk in your favorite zip file manager (winzip, winrar, 7-zip), navigate to "res\drawable-normal-mdpi" and drag your newly-renamed PNG in there. If a dialog pops up, be sure you select the option that has NO compression, this is usually called "Store."**
Make a post if you have any problems NOT related to 'adb.' Again, support is not provided for that.

Clockless MD5: B604B530E02C47DA81AD8B4563BE71D2

Now some optional additional steps for **experienced users only** (I suck at tech support so if you ask something, I'll try to answer, but no guarantees):

If you put the PNGs included in the zip below into '\res\drawable-mdpi', it will remove the HTC "Arc" on the lockscreen. Now, to create your own Arc replacement, all you'll need to do is go into 'HtcLockScreen.apk\res\drawable-normal-mdpi' and change the lockscreen_topedge.png to your liking A much easier change than fiddling with your resources apk everytime and its only 1 image to change, instead of trying to line up three. Of course, if you remove the Arc and do not change your lockscreen_topedge.png, you will have a completely invisible lockscreen, so don't freak yourself out, just make something for that PNG.

*Does not seem to work with Hero or Legend ROMs*

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