Saturday, April 2, 2011

HTC Status Bar for CM6 and Gingerbread ROMs

This is a black status bar theme that looks just like the one you had back in the days when you were running the Eris OTA ROM. This theme is for medium resolution phones like the Eris, Hero, etc.

Gingerbread ROMs

Tested with GSB 1.5 and 2.2, but it should install just fine on any medium-res GB rom. For now there is a single theme file that updates the top status bar. I haven't yet ported the pull-down notification panel.


Download the attached file and then install using ZipThemer with these instructions. ZipThemer is free from the market.

CM6-based ROMs (Froyo)

I developed and tested it with KaosFroyo v32, v37, and v39. It will work on most any CM6 ROMs with the same screen resolution as the Eris.

There are two themes, one which just sets the color and icons in the top status bar, and another that updates the notification pull-down panel. Install both if you want the full HTC notification experience.


This is now a ZipThemer theme, but also remains compatible with MetaMorph.

1) Install the ZipThemer version 1.1 or above from the Market. Its free!

2) Download the attached Also download for the full HTC notification experience. The first sets the top status bar, the second modifies the pull-down notification panel.

3) Fire up ZipThemer.

4) Click "+Theme" and browse to, then select, Repeat if you also want to install

5) Optionally select a different output zip file, and/or edit the ouptut filename using the "+Output" and "*Output" buttons.

6) If installing both the status bar and notification panel at the same time, expand the HtcBlackStatusBar item and uncheck the "CM Tweak Extras file", leaving the corresponding item checked under HtcNotificationBar.

7) Click "Built It!" to create the flashable file. The output file is signed and ready for flashing! But don't flash yet, you have to set the notification text colors in separate steps, so continuing on...

8) Press Menu, Settings -> CyanogenMod Settings -> User Interface -> Tweak extras -> Select a Theme. Select HtcBlackStatusBar if you are only installing the status bar changes, or HtcNotificationPanel if installing both the bar and panel themes.

Click "OK".

10) Now boot into recovery and flash your update.

The file can be used to return the status bar and notification panel to the stock Froyo look and feel. This theme also contains a cmparts_ui.xml for setting the clock and text colors back to black. E.g., same instructions as above to install.

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