Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Ported To HTC HD2

    With all the developer support available, it is pretty evident that further releases will carry bug fixes and functionality enhancements. In case you are interested, please head to the official XDA thread posted here for more information, downloads and support.
    Here is a video of Honeycomb running on HTC HD2:

    Root and S Off HTC Inspire 4G With A Single Click Video Guide

    For further information, support and feedback please consult the official XDA thread posted here and also check out these FAQs.

    HTC Incredible S 2.6.35 Kernel Source Now Available For Download

    There is some interesting news for all HTC Incredible S developers and root enthusiasts as HTC has just now released the kernel source for this device. HTC Incredible S is a flagship S seriesdevice from HTC which has so far prevented hackers from gaining root access. We believe that this kernel source release will not only create easiness for developers looking to gain root on the device, but will also help ROM chefs in cooking up the delicious custom bacon for other compatible Android devices. Moreover this is the first kernel released for 2.6.35 versions. If you feel up to the challenge and want to be someone who can exploit this code to break in the device, then head to the HTC Developers portal here for downloads and further information.

    Download Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Oxygen ROM For HTC Desire


    In case you need support or want further information regarding this ROM for HTC Desire, then please consult the official XDA ROM thread posted here.

    Paint Now! Edit Images on the Go on Windows Mobile

    Paint Now! Edit Images on the Go on Windows Mobile
    A simple image editor like Microsoft Paint always comes in handy when you want to make changes to an image quickly or do a quick sketch without being buried alive under the overwhelming and often unnecessary range of features offered by high-end photoshopping software.
    XDA member menos has created just such a handy editing tool, but for use on our mobiles. Through the Paint Now! application, you can add shapes, doodles and effects to pictures stored on your Windows Phone without having to be near a computer. Paint Now! also lets you rotate, crop and flip images before being given the choice to convert them to a more suitable file type.
    The app doesn’t ask for much to run – just a touchscreen device running Windows Mobile 5 or higher and .NET Compact Framework version 3.5. Pick it up in the application thread.

    Sketch Defense for WP7 Now Available

    Sketch Defense for WP7 Now Available
    Have you ever played Tower Defense for Android? If not, you probably missed on the birth of a new strategy game style. Many variations of it have been born like Robo Defense, but we are not here to talk about Android games. XDA member courtlandre has released Sketch Defense for WP7 devices. The objective of the game is the same basic concept as all of its predecessors, which is to kill every single enemy that tries to make it to your side of the screen. Several weapons are available to slow down, damage, and annihilate the enemy. The game has a free version as well.
    Please leave some feedback for the dev to see if the game can be further improved.
    Hey guys, just wanted to announce my game for windows phone called Sketch Defense. Its the first game I’ve ever made (I just started programming this summer). It’s a fixed path tower defense game that I think is pretty fun.
    You can find more information in the game thread.
    Want something published in the Portal? Contact any News Writer.

    Helicopter Game and Themes for Android

    Helicopter Game and Themes for Android
    If you like simple graphic games as well as the old arcade style games, this may be of your liking. XDA member indexphp123 presents Helicopter for your Android device, inspired on the iCopter game for iPhone. You control a helicopter and need to prevent it from touching either the floor, the ceiling, or anything else. The controls are easy since the game only requires you to touch the screen for the helicopter to rise and stop touching to descend. This simple game offers difficulty and addiction, which makes it fun.
    The developer also wrote a nice tutorial to create your own themes.
    Originally posted by indexphp123
    [GAME]Helicopter Game, Custom Themes!
    I posted a little while back about a game I made, its called “Helicopter Game” and its available in the android market. I have now added a new feature which allows anyone to make a theme for the game. If you are interested, you can publish themes on the market.
    You can find more information in the game thread.

    Unofficial Game Cut The Rope for Android

    Unofficial Game Cut The Rope for Android
    Can´t wait to get the official version of the game Cut the Rope on your Android device? In the meantime, you have something to entertain yourself thanks to XDA memberlobstrain that found a kind of lite, non official version of the game. This game, which is famous in the iOS platform, promises to be a good contender for Angry Birds, we will see when it officially launches…
    For those of you who don´t know what the game is about, here’s a brief description: A mysterious package has arrived, and the creature inside has only one request…Candy! Help get the candy to Om Nom. In Cut the Rope, you don’t just need to feed Om Nom, because in order to get maximum score, you will also need to collect three golden stars in each stage.
    Be aware that you are not playing the official version but a kind of alpha version, so bugs are present. However, according to OP the game works on the Evo with CM7 RC2. Try it and let us know your feedback.
    Originally posted by lobstrain
    Cut The Rope on Android! Finally!
    First of all, http://www.droid-life.com/2011/03/01…iew-goes-live/
    Second, I think I found the apk… the very one that’s shown in the video. I have it on my phone, and it looks quite official. It is a lite version, though, probably the free version that will be released once the game goes up on the market. I don’t know what it’s compatible with, though. I have it running on my Evo, CM7 RC2.
    EDIT: This is an UNofficial Chinese port of the game.
    EDIT: Played this for a while now… beat all except for one level. It seems to be pretty buggy. Taps are almost always registered as swipes, and multi-touch just doesn’t work. Still, it should help stave off anyone’s craving for some Cut The Rope
    Continue to the game thread.

    Opera Mobile 11 and Opera Mini 6 for 7 Different OS’ Ready for Download

    Opera Mobile 11 and Opera Mini 6 for 7 Different OS’ Ready for Download
    Opera has launched just a few hours ago -at the time, we were writing this article.- The new version of Opera Mobile 11 and Opera Mini 6 are available for most operating systems and the promo they are using is focused on a rock band where every player is related to the desired OS; seven platforms, 3,000 different devices and 100 million Opera users around the world. Opera Mobile 11 is ready to download for Android, Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and MeeGo, and Opera Mini 6 for Android, BlackBerry and Symbian. Sorry iOS, no love for you from Norway…
    If you want to follow all about this, don´t forget to visit the site.
    All Opera Mobile/Mini versions: Official thread
    Info extracted from the following original post in General section
    Ok guys go for your new Opera Mobile 11 and Opera mini 6 for almost any OS!!
    Dont forget to let us know how is working!
    Continue to the Opera thread.

    Agenda Widget for Android

    It´s amazing how many threads with interesting applications we miss as they are literally swallowed by our immense traffic. This time we found Agenda widget for your Android device presented by XDA memberroflharrison. View your events and tasks on your home screen with Honeycomb scrolling support, appearance settings now with preview, new skins, date icons, and row headers. The developer mentions that if your events do not show after the update, please untick/retick the calendar on the choose calendars page.
    The free version can be found in the market with the only difference that has adds.
    Please leave your feedback.
    Originally posted by roflharrison
    [APP] Agenda Widget (Official thread)
    I’ve decided to make a official thread for Agenda Widget which I will monitor and update with development release information in an effort to reduce bugs making it to the market version
    The primary reason for this thread is to get feedback on new features and ensure bugs are eliminated, if you decide to try the dev version/s please provide feedback and if you experience a crash please send me a log.
    For those who aren’t existing users Agenda Widget is a highly customizable home screen widget which shows events from the Google and Touchdown and tasks from SSI gTask, Dato gTask, Google Task Organizer, Got To Do, Astrid and Touchdown.
    It has scrolling in Honeycomb and alternative Launchers such as Zeam, ADW, Launcher Pro and anything else that supports launcher plus.
    The free version is fully featured with no time limits, soon I will be putting advertisements in the settings.
    Continue to the original thread.

    HTC EVO 3D first hands-on!

    We've just put our paws on the EVO 3D for the first time, and what struck us immediately is that it's not as beefy, bulky, or overwhelming as the 4.3-inch display or specs might have you believe -- if you're familiar with the EVO 4G, you'll feel right at home here (and you might even be pleasantly surprised). The screen's stereoscopic 3D effect is about as good as what we've seen on the Optimus 3D in the past -- very good head-on with decreasing effectiveness as you move your head to the side. The 2D / 3D switch along the side is for the camera, not the display; it seems that all management of the screen's capabilities is managed in software alone. Check out the shots in the gallery below; now if you'll excuse us, we're going to go play with this monster some more!

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    DreamBoard – An Alternative To WinterBoard For Jailbreak Themers

    WinterBoard has been the skinning app of choice for many-a-jailbreaker for a good long while now, and it’s done a sterling job. Now though, it’s perhaps time for a challenger to try to break the equilibrium. That challenger is DreamBoard.
    Now before you all read that opening paragraph and go delete WinterBoard, allow me to explain. DreamBoard is actually a little different to WinterBoard. The new DreamBoard is more of a way to apply themes to an iDevice rather than the more granular (if you want it) option of WinterBoard.
    DreamBoard (2)
    DreamBoard’s real party-piece is the ability to make an iOS device look more like Android. Out go the rows of icons and in come the widgets.
    DreamBoard (1)
    The best thing to do is to watch the video below, where you’ll see fancy new weather and Facebook widgets. Worth a watch indeed.
    You will, of course, need to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch to install it. Follow our step by step guide posted here to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with Redsn0w on iOS 4.2.1 (or untethered with GreenPois0n RC5), or with Limera1n on iOS 4.1, or with PwnageTool on iOS 4.3 (Sn0wbreeze if you are on Windows) if you haven’t already.
    You can head on over to Cydia and try it for yourself. DreamBoard is available via the ModMyi repo.
    Check out our iPhone Apps Gallery and iPad Apps Gallery to explore more apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.