Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sketch Defense for WP7 Now Available

Sketch Defense for WP7 Now Available
Have you ever played Tower Defense for Android? If not, you probably missed on the birth of a new strategy game style. Many variations of it have been born like Robo Defense, but we are not here to talk about Android games. XDA member courtlandre has released Sketch Defense for WP7 devices. The objective of the game is the same basic concept as all of its predecessors, which is to kill every single enemy that tries to make it to your side of the screen. Several weapons are available to slow down, damage, and annihilate the enemy. The game has a free version as well.
Please leave some feedback for the dev to see if the game can be further improved.
Hey guys, just wanted to announce my game for windows phone called Sketch Defense. Its the first game I’ve ever made (I just started programming this summer). It’s a fixed path tower defense game that I think is pretty fun.
You can find more information in the game thread.
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