Saturday, April 2, 2011

EDGE Connectivity Settings for Vodafone India

In this post I am writing How to get Vodafone GPRS settings for our Iphone.
No JailBreaking Required !! !!

1.Download and Install iPhone Configuration Utility Please Do a GOOGLE search I am Restricted to post Links sorry !! :-( !!

2.Open iPhone Configuration Utility and click Configuration profiles in the Left Pane of the Utility

3. In the Down Pane you will see several options/sub menus like General, pass code etc..
Click "General" Sub Menu
3.1 In Name give the value as "Vodafone" [without Quotes]
3.2 In Identifier give the value as "" [without Quotes]
4. Scroll Down in the Down Pane and you will see a sub menu "Advanced" click it
4.1 You will see Access Point Name APN name
4.2 Give the value as "www" [without Quotes]

In the Top pane you will see the Profile settings as Vodafone

5 Now connect your iPhone and the Device will be recognized in the Utility
6 In the Left pane click on the Devices and In Bottom pane you will see Many Tabbed Options.Click on the Configuration Profile option
7 Click the Install Option and you will see a POP UP option in your iPhone Accept it and Install
You will see a new "Profile"option in your Settings >> General in your iPhone

And VOLA!! !! You have EDGE Connectivity in your iPhone !! !!

Why I am writing this :
I am owning an iPhone4 in India[Chennai] and went to Vodafone Store for GPRS settings.The executive told me Sir,For iPhone we have a special package and the Tariff is as follows :
Pay Rs.100 as monthly Rental and you will be charged 10 Paise for 10 KB and No Booster/Add-On`s available.
I felt really bad and did a quite research and made this working !! !!

Remember we are not Hacking Vodafone server/settings :P !! !! We are Just creating a profile in our iPhone for getting the normal EDGE/GPRS settings !! !!

I have activated 98 RS GPRS pack and the speed of connection is Quite OK [SPEED : 0.09Mbps]
Something is better than Nothing !!

Try These In-case you are not receiving the EDGE connectivity :
  1. Make sure you have turned this on your iPhone Settings>>CellularData>>ON
  2. SMS ACT VMC to 144
  3. wait for reply from 144
  4. Restart your iPhone and check for the EDGE connection
  5. You must see "E"symbol in your status bar near to your signal Bar
  6. Now open safari and check whether you are able to hit ""

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