Saturday, March 12, 2011

Download Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Oxygen ROM For HTC Desire

In case you were looking for an Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread AOSP custom ROM for HTC Desire that’s not only stable, but also free from all kind of branded bloatware, then AdamG has the solution for you! After CyanogenMod custom ROMs and mods, Oxygen line of Custom ROMs coming from AdamG are considered to be as the best and many CM users now are loyal Oxygen converts.

The main reason for Oxygen ROMs to quickly gather user trust and loyalty is perhaps it’s bug free nature while remaining completely stock. According to AdamG, every Oxygen ROM is based on AOSP source code and is cooked with a minimalistic approach while keeping it bugl less as well as stable.
Here are some of the features of Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Oxygen ROM for HTC Desire:
  • Based on Android 2.3.3 GR140 AOSP Source Code
  • Encompasses Linux Kernel Version
  • Integrated minimalistic Google Apps
  • Superuser, Busybox and Apps2SD all present
Here is a list of all additional features that have been integrated in this ROM for enhanced user experience:
Adhoc wifi network support
Advanced power menu with reboot options
Customizable browser user agent
Customizable light settings
Customizable status bar power widget
Download any file type
Full screen browser option
Improved widget picker
Long press back to kill mod (must be activated in Settings)
Optional battery percentage
Various other tweaks and features
You can download the Android 2.3.3 Oxygen ROM for HTC Desire from here and then after a Wipe through recovery, flash / install it normally on your phone. Please note that this ROM requires you to have Armon RA Recovery on your HTC Desire. We don’t know regarding compatibility status of this ROM with ClockworkMod recovery. In case you are upgrading your phone from a previous Oxygen version, then you don’t need to Wipe you device. However it is recommended to perform a complete wipe for zero chances of crashes.
In case you need support or want further information regarding this ROM for HTC Desire, then please consult the official XDA ROM thread posted here.

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