Saturday, March 12, 2011

Download Meizu M9 Android Froyo Custom ROM For Desire Z / G2

HTC Desire Z / G2. The credit for this ROM porting goes to tun41sh and according to him, the build is totally experimental but should work on G2 and Desire Z. For those who don’t know, Meizu M9 is a Chinese Android phone that somehow has striking “similarities” with iPhone 4 with a Retina display.
Currently this Meizu M9 custom ROM has working phone calls, audio playback, hardware acceleration, Data, Sensors and nearly everything that you’d want working in a ROM. However enabling the Wi-Fi , camera or mounting SD card via USB causes the handset to either hang, go in a foreclosure or end up with a boot loop. GPS, MMS and some minor goodies still remain untested so you’d have to find out on your own if they work or not.
The ROM chef has been kind enough to integrate Google Apps like Gmail, Maps, Chrome to Phone, Voice, Youtube etc. And Wi-Fi calling is also added but that won’t work as initial Wi-Fi connectivity is broken.
You need to have a rooted HTC Desire Z with ClockworkMod Recovery installed to flash this Mezu M9 ROM on your HTC Desire Z / G2. We believe that a full system wipe will be necessary if you want to keep the flashing process hassle free but isn’t mentioned anywhere by the ROM chef as a requirement.
You can download the custom ROM from here and then flash it on your phone. If you have ROM Manager installed on your phone, then you can visit this post on your cell phone, download the ZIp file to your phone’s SD card and flash it easily from ROM Manager. Please note that this build is not recommended for novices as it can’t really be termed stable and you might end up turning your device in a real expensive decoration piece.

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