Friday, April 29, 2011


If you're using JIT, you should remove JIT, flash launcher, then reinstall JIT. That's not my launcher fault, is the Jit behaviour messing dalvik-cache...
Ok, time to edit the introduction stuff 
This thing is being done completely as a "learning/having some fun" project, and is my FIRST "javandroid" thing so may contain a lot of bugs, may crash your fridge, may overheat your microwave, and so on.
ATM i have no "team collab" on this, i'm doing the most out of myself, and "myself" is a very limited person, so don't expect miracles 
If someone wanna help, please tweet me!
Also if anyone wants to donate me to buying ice-creams for my son, do it here

Here are some screenshots 

There are 2 main "branches" of this mod:
  • the 0.6.x branch is (and always will be) for Android 1.6 donut ONLY.
  • the 0.7x branch is for Android 2.1 eclair and will grow up.
At the moment the Eclair branch is considered EXPERIMENTAL/UNSTABLE and is not a *proper* port, neither has the right support for different screen sizes/resolutions, so use at your own risk

Installation method:
  • Put the into the root of your sdcard.
  • Boot into recovery.
  • NANDROID (just be cautious  )
  • Flash the file.

Changelog, Downloads & usage instructions/information
Check them here

Some settings will force launcher to shutdown itself after aplying, so if your launcher shuts off on settings exit, you should "relaunch" it pressing your home phisical button.

Theme-related things
This thing is not "themed", it uses default highlight colours, etc, so if you're using a themed launcher or a themed rom, it will overwrite it and you'll loose those changes.

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