Saturday, April 30, 2011

Download Android 2.3.4 GRJ22 AOSP Source Code

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Google has released the much awaited source code of theandroid 2.3 operating system. Google will be pushing newer versions of Google Android Gingerbread for Nexus S and Nexus One phones in the coming days. But no more wait to grab the code of Google Android 2.3.4. Download it here.
The source code along with the software stack has been released allowing the enthusiasts, researchers and Androidlovers to start developing their custom ROMs for many devices.
For now we just know that Android 2.3.4 update is designed to fix some bugs in the Nexus One device and it is also adding the support for voice and video chat to Google Talk on the Nexus S and Nexus One devices.
Apart from the source code, they have uploaded the proprietary binary files for the Nexus S. That means that it should not be long at all when the Android enthusiasts would be able to compile the source code coming up with a custom very suitable for the upgrades of Nexus S phone, way before Google OTA distribution.
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