Saturday, April 30, 2011

How To Root / Unroot T-Mobile LG G2X On Mac / Linux

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You have already gone through the rooting the T-Mobile G2XAndroid phone with SuperOneClick on the same pages but actually that was only for Windows. Hence, Mac and Linux users were unable to root their G2X with that single click utility. But developers at XDA have come up with working root / unroot for T-Mobile G2X for Max and Linux. The root is just similar to SuperOneClick and basically is built on the same scripts that are used in the SuperOneClick.
You can unroot your device with this tool only if you have rooted your device with this tool. Well, that’s annoying, but at least there is a root, so carry on reading to root your G2X.
1. First of all install LG USB drivers on your computer
3. Plug in your device to the computer in the USB debugging mode
4. Now if you are using Mac, run the root.command by double-clicking on that and if you are on Linux, run the shell script
5. When the script finishes, your phone will go on a reboot
6. When it is back, it is rooted.

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  1. i cant unroot my device help! my baseband stays the same please help me im new to this