Monday, June 6, 2011

Extract SMS on WP7

1. Explore your phone with Windows Phone Device Manager

2. goto \Application Data\

3. Add "\Microsoft" to the path (under the file-explorer logo)

4. goto Outlook\Stores\DeviceStore

5. Rename "store.vol" to something like "store.vol.txt" (it is mandatory to rename this file - without this step the file is in use by outlook)

6. extract it (drag n drop)

7. run perl script (#perl store.vol.txt)

8. See output

Maybe one of you could build a backup application or something like that! 

Link to perl script:

Original source of script:

Don't know if you've seen it:

\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Stores\DeviceStore\data

ALL emails and other messages + contact-pictures + signature (three sizes) (just edit the file extension to .html or .jpeg - hex edit helps to find what is right  )

\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer

-> TabsStorage.bin: Opened tabs from internet explorer (where are the cookies?!  )


ALL Facebook-Information (if app is installed), including messages, pictures, notifications etc. etc.

\Application Data\Location\Cache

Wifi & GSM Data when features is enabled in WP7-preferences (encrypted?! don't know..)

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