Monday, June 6, 2011

ChevronWP7 Unlocker & Cert download

As people may know, Chevron have removed their unlocker download for WP7  so I thought I'd archive it and make it available for everyone here still:

EDIT: Thanks to Cendaryn we also have the required security certificate  - the easiest way (thanks toTalys) to install the cert and unlock your WP7 is to do as follows:

1. Unzip file, and attach chevronwp7.cer (see below for file) to an e-mail to yourself
2. Open email in WP7
3. Tap attachment once, turns it into a shield, tap it again, goes to install certificate screen with white letters on black screen
4. Click install at the bottom

5. Make sure registry is modified:



6. Plug in phone and leave Zune running
7. Run chevronwp7.exe, click both checkboxes
8. Click unlock

Excellent video tutorial here thanks to Jaxbot 

[Edit 8th Dec 2010]

Worried that Microsoft has relocked your phone? They haven't, look here

[Edit 20th January 2011]

Want to keep your unlocked HTC from re-locking every sync? See here

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