Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shutdown animations of the Nexus One

Follow these Simple steps:
 1] DL my zip: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
2] Put it on SDcard somewhere [doesn't matter where - I simply created a folder called Shutdown]
3] Open Root Explorer. Gotta have this. Pony up the $ 3.95 if you have not yet.
4] Navigate to / system / media / video / shutdown and copy or move the existing shutdown sequence [26.png 's] 
4a] Hit Menu> Multi-Select> Select All> Copy or Move. I'd do move because if you do copy you have to come back and delete before putting the new ones in
5] paste that wherever - it basically serves as a back-up or something to revert to in case. Again I just put mine in a default folder within the folder called Shutdown Shutdown; whatever
6] Navigate to wherever you put my zip.
7] long press it and sends it to extract ave This sdcard / extracted.
8] Go to sdcard / extracted / Shutdown. You'll see all 63 png's.
8a] Again now, Menu> Multi-Select> Select All> Copy or Move
9] Navigate back to system / media / video / shutdown and paste. Make sure its empty before you paste.
** Note on my SF the 1st 26 png's display like the old ones verizon. Do not fret about that I dont know why it does but it does. Once pasted you're fine. The proper sequence will display on shutdown.
10] Close and power down to enjoy your new shutdown sequence.

Might seem complicated but I tried to make the above directions thorough thats all DL'd Once this entire process should take literally 5 minutes.


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