Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cook Windows Phone 7 Custom ROMs With WP7 ROM Manual Kitchen [Guide]

If you fancy yourself as a Windows Phone 7 hacker and ROM chef / developer, then there is some great news for you. Senior XDA member, Haseeb Ahmed, has lately released the first ever Windows Phone 7 ROM kitchen that will allow users to create custom WP 7 ROMs with relative ease and simplicity. The work for producing a full fledge GUI based Windows Phone 7 ROM kitchen is underway and then noobs like my self will be able to get our hands in this ordeal.  According to the WP7 Custom ROM Manual Kitchen Developer, this package comes with HTCROM Image Editor along with HV Edit and IMGFS from Dump and some custom .bat files to make it easier for WP& ROM chefs to cook basic ROMs and generate cool mods.
You can download WP7 Custom ROM Manual Kitchen and then follow the instructions below to get your first WP7 ROM sizzling:
1.Extract part04.bin from of any flashable MAGLDR WP7 ROM for HTC HD2
2.Rename part04.bin to part04.nb and put it in the "1.ROM Image Editor" folder
3.Run "htcRIE.exe" & Select part04.nb
4.Select IMGFS in the Left Column, then click on any item in the right column & press "Ctrl+A" to slect All.
5.Now press the "Save Selectd Files" button on the top bar & save the files to the "3.IMGFS from Dump\dump" folder
5a.Again, Select IMGFS in the Left Column and press the "Save Selectd Files" button on the top bar & save the "imgfs.bin" file to the "3.IMGFS from Dump" folder
6.Once saved, goto "3.IMGFS from Dump\dump" & copy the "default.hv" & "user.hv" to the "2.HV Editor" folder
7.Now drag and drop "default.hv" & "user.hv" on "HVEdit.exe"
8.Delete "3.IMGFS from Dump\dump\default.hv" & "3.IMGFS from Dump\dump\user.hv" files
9.Two files will be creatd "default.hvm" & "user.hvm" respectively. Edit them as per your requirement to make Registry changes.
10.Once editing is done, again drag & drop the "default.hvm" and "user.hvm" onto the "HVEdit.exe"
11.Now "default.hv" & "user.hv" will be recreated. Cut & Paste them into "3.IMGFS from Dump\dump" folder & replace the old files.
12.Now run "start.bat" in the "3.IMGFS from Dump" folder
13.Cut and paste the imgfs-out.bin into the "1.ROM Image Editor" folder
14.Make a copy of part04.nb in the same folder & rename it to part04.bin
15.Run the "build.bat" in this folder
16.Now replace the part04.bin file in the "" with this new creatd part04.bin
17.Flash MAGLDR Rom as you normally would.

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