Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Create Colorful Sparkling Text Effects In Photoshop

Well, today the text effect that I have brought for you is really a stunning effect. The good news is this text effect is very simple to create. It is created with Brush combined with layer styles and blending options. Little experimentation with these tools provides us with amazing results. I have created this effect in Adobe Photoshop CS3. This funky and sparkling text effect can be used in creating lively images. Not only in text, this text can also be applied to any other image or object. So follow me to learn this technique.
Create a new document measuring 8 inches x 5 inches in Adobe Photoshop . The background of the document should be black in color. Now select Type tool from the tool bar and type the wordlight or any other word in the middle of the document. Keep the font settings as:
  • · Font: Franklin gothic (you can use font of your choice, preferably take a simple font)
  • · Size: 215 px (regular)
  • · Color: White
The resulting document will be shown as
Now duplicate the text layer by pressing CTRL+J. Click on the original text layer and apply the following layer styles.
Outer glow:
  • In outer glow change only the following settings, else leave as default
  • · Blend mode: screen
  • · Color: white
  • · Range: 100%
Inner Glow:
  • Similarly change the following setting leaving the rest as default
  • · Opacity: 75%
  • · Color: white
  • · Size: 10 px
  • · Range: 65%
These layer styles will produce a soft glow. Reduce the fill of the layer to 0%. Now copy these layer styles and paste on the duplicated layer. To copy layer styles, right click on the layer and click Copy Layer Style and then right click on the duplicated layer and click Paste Layer Style. The resulting image that you will get will be like this:
Now get back to original text layer and apply the following layer styles;
Bevel and emboss:
  • · Depth: 200%
  • · Size: 2 px
Don’t forget to check the anti-aliased for smoother results. Similarly mark the contour layer style and also check the anti-aliased box in it.
Now click the brush tool from the tool bar. Pick the brush named as Star Burst from the category of assorted brushes.
Press X to keep white color in background. You can keep the brush size to 50 px. With this brush draw some star bursts on a separate layer. Create its two duplicated layers by pressing twice ctrl + J. Select first duplicated layer and go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur. Keep the Angle to 90o and Distance 150 px. Similarly select the second duplicated layer and apply motion blur but at 0oAngle and Distance 150 px. At this stage the document will look like this:
Now create a new layer and change its mode to color. Now take soft brush of about 200 px and mark daubs of different funky and vibrant colors. The resulting image will be like this:
So you have seen that just with few layer styles we have created a stunning sparkling light texteffect that can be used in a variety of designing tasks. I hope this tutorial will help you.

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