Monday, April 4, 2011

Free barcode scanner

No network connection needed; app based on zxing library and Kevin Marshall's (from Clarity Consulting, can't remember his blog url now) code.
App interface is very simple: run application, focus on barcode, and wait until code is recognized. Touch handset screen to run recognition again.

Buttons description:
- "Save" saves captured barcode to jpeg;
- "Bing" and "Google" used for barcode web lookup (probably this part needs more work)
- "Mail" and "SMS" used for sending recognized code text.
UPDATE 1: v 1.1, auto focus added;

UPDATE 2: v 1.2, orientation-less UI added, project moved to opensource at googlecode:

UPDATE 3: v 1.2.1, slightly changed autofocus logic, now works better on HTC. Download link:

UPDATE 4: v 1.2.2
- barcode search improved;
- added HTC detection, changes in autofocus logic;

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