Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Installing Froyo firmware on Flytouch 2


Installation is slightly different from normal releases because it requires flashing in 2 steps. Luckily, it's really easy:

1. Download bootable SD-card image and unzip: http://www.mediafire.com/?4quqzqyce9eje7a

2. Write image to an SD-card that's at least 1GB in size using WinHex:

  • Get WinHex here: http://www.winhex.com/winhex/
  • In WinHex: tools, disk tools, clone disk
  • Choose file from zip (sdcard.img)
  • Choose the sd card as your destination
  • Start sector: fill in 0, also make sure the directories are correct on left
  • When finished, take out the card.

In linux, you just unzip the file and use dd to write it to the sd-card:

dd if=/path/to/sdcard.img of=/dev/sdX # (where sdX is your scsi disk device, check dmesg)
3. Turn off tablet and put sd-card in TOP slot (between the 2 usb ports).

4. Turn on tablet. It will report that it is booting off the sd-card, and that it's flashing kernel + filesystems.

5. Take out the sd-card when the tablet asks you to do so (takes less than a minute). Put it in the OTHER sd-card slot (bottom one), and reboot the tablet by holding down the power for 10 seconds to turn it off, then press it again to turn it on.

6. You will now see the tablet booting with a *GREEN* screen. The screen will flash twice to indicate it's starting. The flashing itself will take longer than in the previous step, a few minutes. If succesful, it will automatically reboot, after which you're done and you're booting the new firmware! You'll see a different boot screen (equalizer on a black background)

7. After it has booted and you have unlocked the screen, reboot the tablet first thing! First boots in android always tend to be behave erratically. This is unrelated to this firmware and applies to all Android setups.

If step 6 fails (which is very unlikely), it will stay on the green screen and it will keep on flashing the screen. In that case, you'll have to turn it off. Most likely problem for this is a corrupt SD-card. See troubleshooting below.

Make sure to never put that sd-card back in the top-slot without erasing it first, as it will reflash your tablet!


  • The 'green screen' keeps flashing!
    • The installer will dump a text file on the root of the sd-card which you can inspect. The file is called fail_reason.txt. If no such file exists, things are seriously wrong and the tablet couldn't even properly write to the sd-card. If using another SD-card, or rewriting the SD-card doesn't help, please upload the fail_reason.txt file here.
  • Flashing was succesful, but the system doesn't boot up!
    • The installer dumps one or more text files on the root of your sd-card during the 'green screen' flashing stage. Upload all these files and link to them here.

  • Find out why some users can't get past the android boot animation despite seemingly succesful flashing
  • Rewrite instructions for creating the sdcard @ windows
  • Figure out why Titanium Backup doesn't work

(**) Tested:
  • wifi, ethernet port
  • battery status works, g-sensor works
  • touchscreen works (precalibrated, you cannot recalibrate it using the settings app)
  • HD video playback works (I recommend Meridian player)
  • Market works (full)
  • angry birds works ( thought I'd mention it  )
  • The firmware has already been rooted! You can connect using adb over wifi, and type 'su' to become root. Find your IP address using the Android System Info app.
  • GPS confirmed

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