Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HTC Kingdom [EVO 3D] ROM Ported On Desire HD

Sniper911 has recently released the HTC Kingdom Stock ROMthat is supposed to be for HTC EVO 3D. Well we aren’t really sure if this is the case as there are some folks who believe that this ROM isn’t meant for the EVO 3D phone. We seriously don’t know what the case is, but apparently some industrious hackers and Android ROM developers have started to port this HTC Kingdom dump on their Desire HD. The work in progress is coming along pretty cool apart from some glitches that won’t allow some developers to access SD card normally. So far it seems that most of the stuff is working like Wi-Fi, Buetooth, Data, USB Debugging and sync.
Here are some screenshots of what HTC Kingdom’s ROM looks like on Desire HD:
For now there are no downloads available as the ROM is still undergoing development process. You can head to theofficial XDA thread posted here to get into discussion and to see if you can help these developers in any way. Thecredit for this port initially goes to Capychamp, Senior XDA member And Android developer, along with his team and some other developers.

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