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Whether it is the most beautiful looking device or the most stable, satisfying our cravings to make things look and feel different has been this site’s main driving force for many years. Even though this device just came out recently,Things have kicked off with root and recovery, and now we will get started with the looks. This is a very nice guide where the developer explains how to change a few fonts for the clock in the lockscreen of the device.
  • Working ADB
  • Asus PC Sync Software link
  • USB Debugging turned on in settings
  • a .ttf font file (only required if you want another font than used in the guide)
Step 1: Backup Original Files
  1. Open up cmd (or terminal on OSX).
  2. navigate to your android-sdk\tools folder through the terminal (if you do not know how to do this check the adb set up guide linked earlier in this post).
  3. Now to allow modification of the system files we will enter the command “adb remount“.
  4. Now we will pull the font files which are located within /system/fonts/ by entering these 3 commands: “adb pull /system/fonts/AndroidClock.ttf“, “adb pull /system/fonts/AndroidClock_Highlight.ttf“, “adb pull /system/fonts/AndroidClock_Solid.ttf
  5. On your computer go to the android-sdk/tools folder and move the AndroidClock, AndroidClock_Solid and AndroidClock_Highlight to wherever you want to store these (these are the original back up) and make sure to remove them from the android-sdk\tools folder.\
Step 2: Replacing Original Files
n this step we will pull the font used for all the other type in honeycomb called DroidSans and replace the original clock font files with this font as to fool honeycomb into thinking it is actually the original font.
  1. while having adb open, enter the command “adb pull /system/fonts/DroidSans.ttf“.
  2. Now navigate to your android-sdk\tools folder again and make 3 copies of DroidSans.ttf in the tools folder.
  3. Name one of the files AndroidClock, name another AndroidClock_Solid, and name the last AndroidClock_Highlight.
  4. now go back to adb and enter these 3 commands: “adb push AndroidClock_Solid.ttf /system/fonts/“, “adb push AndroidClock.ttf /system/fonts/“, “adb push AndroidClock_Highlight.ttf /system/fonts/“.
  5. Reboot your transformer and voila you’re done.
If you want to replace the lockscreen font with your own font and not DroidSans, simply skip bullet point 1 and 2 of step 2 and copy your own .ttf font file to your android-sdk\tools folder and make 3 copies of that.Don’t forget to remount /system as rw (“mount -o rw,remount /system”) so you can modify the font files.
For further support and assistance please contact the developer here

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