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[ROM] [Kitchen] TMN Silverbelt (ZTE Raise, ZTE-W x60) custom ROM

This topic is about custom ROM for TMN Silverbelt (aka ZTE Raise, aka ZTE x60 and so on).

In June, 2010 I received a ZTE Raise (ZTE-W x60) handset as a gift. Unfortunately, the system language was Chinese, and I am from Russia 
The only normal firmware was from the Portuguese TMN Silverbelt, but it was in Portuguese language, and overloaded by useless TMN's soft.
I had to do some research and apply my own knowledge to create custom firmware. The results will be shown in this topic.

1. All surveys were made on the basis of the TMN Silverbelt firmware B08 and ChinaUnicom ZTE-W x60 firmware B02.
2. If your device bricked, you can try to flash it by original flashers (B05 or B08). I've flashed my ZTE Raise hundreds of times - bootloader still alive.
3. ZTE Raise (ZTE-W x60) is differs from TMN Silverbelt by hardware. ZTE Raise have 3.2mpx back camera without flash, front camera for videocalls and have no WIFI. TMN Silverbelt have WIFI, 5.0mpx back camera with flash and have no front camera. ZTE-W x60 is made for ChinaUnicom, and Silverbelt - for Portuguese TMN. You should understand that I have ZTE-W x60. So I can't test TMN camera and WIFI.

If you encounter problems, please do not hesitate to write here or contact me. Please describe the problem accurately and in detail.
Note that I can only help with these ROM. For general questions about cooking ROMs, please consult the forum and Wiki at
You should know two things: 1. I speak only English and Russian. Por favor, nao escreva em Portugues And sorry for my english. 2. My local time is GMT+10.

1. Before you flash this ROM, make sure you know how to recover from a non-booting ROM or to original ROM!
2. I accept no responsibility for bricked or network-locked devices or any other problems!
3. Please, read instruction in downloaded package and post below (but remember abour error in those files - in section "How to update ROM", step 2 should be read as "2. Hold the Answer+Action buttons..." and so on). Any way, my updater.exe made based on TMN B05 flasher engine so they need to flash the same way as the original firmware B05.
4. I strongly recommend first flash phone with TMN's B08 firmware before using this firmware.
5. After every flashing you MUST perform a hard reset!


Clean ROM for TMN Silverbelt and ZTE-W x60

Main features:
- clean ROM, only must-have software
- based on B08 TMN firmware
- all security checks was disabled
- PagePool size 20mb
- dummy UL partition
- ActiveSync activity limited
- Office Mobile 2010 integrated
Also see changelog in next post for more details.

Note to ChinaUnicom's ZTE-W x60 owners:
This firmware natively made for TMN Silverbelt hardware. It can be flashed into ChinaUnicom's handset ZTE-W x60 too. In this case you should flash your phone three times: with original TMN firmware B05, than B08, and finally this custom firmware. After booting, go Start -> Utilites, launch "Raise Control", Select "Camera: use ZTE-W x60 driver" then reboot your handset. Other soft that you may need can be found in bottom of this post.

Updated 2010-10-20.

English ROM (409) download:

Portuguese ROM (816) download:

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