Thursday, July 28, 2011

SmartDialing 2.5 build 24516 Full, Multilanguage v3

Russian T9 for Phone Pad Input v1.0 build 21215 (IntelliPad), also add possibility to enter ukrainian letters (not T9)

This is result of some kind team-work of me (ValeraVi), and mamaich 8). After installing you will be able to write russian words in Phone Pad Input by using T9. Also this adds support of writing russian and ukrainian words (when russian database is selected in options of Phone Pad). Ukrainian letters is not fit on virtual buttons but it is on buttons with similar russian letters. English letters is also exist - it can be entered only if you select english database in options on Phone Pad.
Tested on HTC Blue Angel with clean WM5 ROM Tuma v1.3, but it must work on any device with version of Phone Pad specified above (HTC Wizard for ex.).
download (from attachments)

Full Phone Pad with russian t9 for wm5 devices without preinstalled Phonepad(Atom, M600, Mio...) by geo77 here
Phone Pad v1.0b22364 ONLY SKIN with Russian Letters by Raice here

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