Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leaked NoDo Windows Phone 7 Update Available For Download

Well guys we really don’t know what’s your take on much waited NoDo update for Windows Phone 7 handsets, but according to Football at XDA forums, the update has already been leaked! YHes, you heard it right! Previously we have had different dates, delays and ETA’s, but this time it seems as if this is the real deal. Just for the record, XDA member Footballius a seniorforum member and a bit of digging on his XDA “career” somewhat compels us to believe that this is indeed the NoDo update for “Gold”; as he claims it. Here is a screenshot of what he just posted:
d in HTC 7 Pro sub-forum of XDA, so it can also be a ROM dedicated to this handset only. You can download leaked Windows Phone 7 NoDo update directly from here and then head to the official thread posted here for more information, installationinstructions and to find out if this really is what it says.
Please note that we haven’t tested this build and for all we know, it can turn your phone into a zombie or revert it to be an angel ;)  So proceed with caution and congrats in advance if it turns out to be the real deal.
P.S. The file is 212 MB, so make sure that you are hooked to a stable and seriously fast internet connection before downloading.

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