Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Add PDF’s to iBooks on your iPad or iPhone

 One of the reasons to get an iPad is for eBooks. But a quantity of us have gigantic amounts of PDFs that they would like to be able to read on the iPad, and iBooks is the answer. I will show you how to basically add PDFs to iBooks for simple reading.
Start from here:
1. The first thing you will want to do if you don’t already, is get a dropbox account.
2. Upload your PDF’s to your dropbox folder.
3. Install the dropbox iOS app on your iPad or iPhone.
4. Install the iBooks application if you don’t already have it as well.
5. Open the dropbox application if you know the dropbox if you dont know then install Install the dropbox iOS app on your iPad or iPhone.
6-Select your desired pdf

7. In the top right you will see an export to button, select iBooks under that menu.

8. Open up THe  iBooks
9. Go to PDF’s and select your desired PDF.

10. You can now read your PDF wherever

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