Sunday, May 29, 2011

Download And Install VillainROM 1.0 For Samsung Galaxy S 2 [S II]

Well well well, you’re right whatever you may think when you read the title of this page. What’s so NEW with anothercustom ROM – But guys, ask the pain and the sheer excitement from Galaxy S 2 owners. They have seriouslybeen feeling as left alone in this custom ROM war. So all you GS2 owners, this post is all about that you have waited for since much long!
This first custom ROM for galaxy S2 surely points to the beginning of something wonderful for SGS 2 owners due to it being the first ever custom Rom for this device. This awesome addition in your devices is just because of the genius XDA moderator pulser_g2, who has tried his best to give your Samsung Galaxy S2 devices all so newestinstallment of a ROM.

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