Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Overclocking Kernels for webOS Devices

There are a number of overclocking kernels available for webOS devices:

1) UberKernel

This is the kernel that is recommended for most users. It has been comprehensively alpha and beta tested, and has predefined profiles available that have been proven to be functional and safe for all users.

Instructions on how to install and use the UberKernel, and the corresponding Govnah application which is used to set the overclocking and other kernel parameters, can be found in the Preware Homebrew Documentation app in the official Palm app catalog (yes, Palm allows instructions on how to overclock your device in the official app catalog).

The official wiki page for UberKernel is at:


2) Other experimental kernels

In addition to the UberKernel, there are a number of other experimental kernels developed and released in separate alpha testing feeds. These experimental kernels are used for initial bleeding-edge alpha testing of new kernel development directions and new kernel features. Once these new features have been proven to be stable, they usually migrate into the next beta testing version of the UberKernel.

Instructions for how to install the experimental kernels and the conditions of use can be found at:


The official wiki pages for these experimental kernels are at:


All of these kernels (both the stable versions and the experimental versions) can be installed on your webOS device using Preware. You do not need to wipe or reflash your device, nor do you need to wipe any of your data (although we do advise you to always have full backups of your data whenever you are using overclocking kernels).

Complete source code for all kernel modifications can be found in the WebOS Internals git repositories at


and the build system for building these kernels from these patches can be found in the WebOS Internals autobuilder git repository at


Any kernel hackers who wish to participate in custom kernel development for webOS devices should make themselves known in the #webos-internals IRC channel on Freenode.

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