Monday, May 30, 2011

SpeedMod Gingerbread

This is a basic test version of the SpeedMod kernel for Gingerbread.
K15F/G works only with XWJVH & XXJVO based ROMs!
For JVB roms use K15D version.

This kernel is for the International Galaxy S GT-I9000

This kernel has NO LAGFIX support yet. Please UNDO LAGFIXES before flashing this kernel.
UPDATE: K15G-T9 has support for EXT4 and RFS only.

For now it has:
- Conservative CPU governor tweaks: increase responsiveness with good battery life
- CWM2.5-based recovery
- Lowmemorykiller tuning
- MDNIE Sharpness Fix and some color tuning
- FM Radio sound fixes based on Voodoo Sound
- TinyRCU
- Conservative CPU governor for better battery life
- Volume level fixes
- Startup script tweaks
- Disabled Android Debug Logger / logcat
- Disabled kernel debug logs / printk
- Updated to jhash3
- HZ=300
- 334MB RAM
- Improvements to sound quality: 128x oversampling, disable DRC and de-emphasis
- Compiled with O3 optimizations using latest codesourcery 2010.09 toolchain

I'll implement the SpeedMod Froyo features bit by bit as I have the time to.

NOTES about K15G:
- K15G now has a basic CWM2.5 Recovery!
- CWM2.5 in K15G has not been tested much. Use at your own risk and be careful!
- CWM2.5 button configuration is different from Froyo. Use POWER to select and BACK for back.

LATEST changes:
- Minor fixes to CWM
- New CPU governor tweaks for increased smoothness
- New "UNFRAGMENT" feature in CWM: does a backup-format-restore to speed up phone
- Fixes to CWM for some people with backup/restore problems
- Ext4 support and filesystem conversion to EXT4 and RFS
- Rebuilt from updated Samsung GB kernel source
- Front camera works!
Attached Files
File Type: zip (3.16 MB, 684 views)
File Type: tar speedmod-kernel-k15d-t4-300hz.tar (6.88 MB, 2265 views)
File Type: zip (3.16 MB, 258 views)
File Type: tar speedmod-kernel-k15f-300hz.tar (6.88 MB, 1480 views)
File Type: zip (3.05 MB, 98 views)
File Type: tar speedmod-kernel-k15g-t9-300hz.tar (7.04 MB, 160 views)

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